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Apr 2, 2009 06:45 AM

1st Birthday Party Cupcakes

We're having the extended family over for our boy's 1st birthday party next weekend and I'm looking for a moist and delicious cupcake recipe. He seems to react to oats, but other than that he seems to tolerate all foods. My husband is allergic to tree nuts.

I was thinking of maybe doing some sort of cream cheese topping but am open to suggestions. I'm an enthusiastic cook but just recently got into baking and am excited to try new things. Thanks for any ideas you send my way.

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  1. i don't know that a cream cheese frosting will appeal to a baby -- they tend not to appreciate *sour* at that age. although, aren't most parties for kids that age more for grown-ups anyway? ;)

    any cake recipe can be converted to cupcakes, just baked for a shorter time. chocolate seems like a no-brainer here!

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      Hmmm, I disagree. Lots of little kids/babies LOVE sour flavors. Yogurt, lemon, pickles, etc.

      We'll have equal number of kids and adults - or close to it. Of course, I'm trying to impress the adults but I want the kids to love them as well.

      Still hoping for some recipes!

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        Do the mini-sized ones if you have, can borrow, or buy (they're cheap) the tins, and use the liner papers for smooth release. The smaller size is easier for little kids, and everyone can have 2 or more if they want, which is better than having half-eaten ones left behind.

        Make 2 or more flavors - chocolate is the best bet for one of them. See the current Cupcake Working Group thread on the General Chowhounding board for more flavor ideas and the link to the cupcake blog.

    2. I used Alton Brown's carrot cake recipe for my son's birthday recently -- just leave out the nuts, and it should work for everybody. You can even pretend you're being healthy. :)

      1. There are so many options. It would help if you could narrow it down some to what the baby likes, if you want chocolate/vanilla/etc. For something moist that would be perfect for kids, try the elvis cake but use cream cheese frosting instead of the pb frosting.

        As hotoynoodle said, you can convert any cake recipe to a cupcake. If you want specifically a cupcake recipe, try the Magnolia bakery cupcake recipe. It's an excellent yellow cupcake.

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          It's been a while now, but I (?) remember from the book "What to Expect the First Year" that there was a very healthful carrot cake type recipe for baby's first birthday, using apple juice concentrate and wheat germ. I would think some form of carrot cake minus nuts and/or raisins with a cream cheese frosting would be just fine. I have never tried it, but should be fairly reliable due to any allergies and definitely age appropriate, and I am sure can be modified for cupcakes

          Here is a link to a similar type recipe

          1. re: foodie_guru

            It's terrible. My friend made it and no one, not even the baby, had more than a bite.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Don't know of any cupcake recipes off the top of my head, but I saw a yummy looking apple and yogurt cake (sliced apple topping- so pretty!), on the Chocolate and Zucchini blog that she made for her nephew's birthday cake.

            Oh it just occurred to me that apples might not be such a good idea for baby. But as they're cooked and softened (and could be removed if need be), it would probably be fine.