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Apr 2, 2009 06:28 AM

Passover in DC area

Hi, I'm looking for restaurants in the DC area (MD, DC, VA) that are serving special Passover meals.
I am aware of Dino, Hudson, Rosa Mexicano, and some Ledo pizza places.
I've heard that Buzz bakery is also offering some special desserts.

Does anyone know of anywhere else?

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  1. I highly recommend Dino. I went there with my bf and his mother for Kol Nidre dinner during Yom Kippur and everything was delicious! I had never celebrated a holiday in a restaurant before and thought it might be depressing but it was actually really nice.

    1. Moti's Grill in Kosher Mart is open. The food is a bit pricey since it is strictly kosher, but if you need that I believe they are the only game in town for passover.

      1. We're taking Mom & Dad to Dino for 2nd night. They are offering a traditional multi-course Passover meal. We plan to bring our own hagadahs, Dino's is providing a seder plate. Our group is not particularly observant (some not even jewish) so kosher isn't an issue.

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          Enjoy! Hopefully they serve their matzo ball soup. I had it during Yom Kippur and it was out of this world. The broth was soooo good (I might even suggest...better then Mom's!)

        2. Tragara in Bethesda has a special menu

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            Thanks everyone. I knew about Dino and found Tragara in a search. I posted and article on my blog and page.

          2. On The Fly Cafe at the Corcoran is going to have a few Passover options including a matzoh sandwich with grilled chicken, endive and apple walnut relish. Yum!