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Apr 2, 2009 06:19 AM

Anyone been to Troegs?

I'm hoping to get to the brewery for a tour soon, has anyone been there? How is the expereience? I've been to quite a few brewery tours and some have been excellent (Yuengling, Jack Daniels) while some have been horrible (AB in St. Louis). Just wanted to see what to expect.....Thanks!

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  1. Its a good time. They are VERY liberal in their free sampling although it can get crowded. And everyone seems very laid back and eager to talk about beer and brewing.

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      Thanks, Sounds like Weyerbacher...there are VERY generous in their samples as well

    2. I went out last year around xmas and had a nice time. The tour was informative but towards the end, I was jonesing for a beer. It's a small operation inside a oversized warehouse. Your best bet is to do the sample platter (like 5 beers +whatever their small batch/seasonal at the time is). That's like $5. The beers sneak up on you since everything has an abv over 5.