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Apr 2, 2009 05:48 AM

C. Palmers or Capital Grill

If you had a choice between the 2, which would be...going to one of them this Saturday night, but having a tough time deciding which...
thank you

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  1. Charlie Palmers is more expensive but I think that they are a better nicer establishment.

    1. Depends what you like.... Capital Grill is my 2nd favorite steakhouse in DC, and i m not really a Capital Grill fan. If you want a traditional steakhouse menu with the classic sides and nice list in a booth, CG. CPs is a bit more pricey, but has a lot more options on the menu.

      1. I like Capital Grille for the dry-aged porterhouse and the clubby, politician-heavy atmosphere. Charlie Palmer Steak is good, too, but it's more of a modern, not-just-a-steakhouse steakhouse.

        1. Cap Grill definitely the more traditional choice......if traditon is what you are looking for during this nite out