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Apr 1, 2009 11:35 PM

Chicken soup from leftover chicken? (split from Ontario board)

I have a question I thought of while I had a $10 take-out chicken from Bom Apetite tonight..

Can the leftover bones/chicken from just 1 chicken be used to make a soup?

Usually I stop in and just get one whole chicken, because I think its a good deal at only $10.. and at the end of it I always have usually at least the 2 thighs left (un-eaten), and all of the bones from the bird .. can you use this to make a chicken soup ? or does it require significantly more "carcass"? the chickens you get here aren't large.. I can easily ask for the bird not to be cut up and left whole, which might work better for the application... I've never made home made chicken soup before, usually thats something my Mom would make, haha..

with this bad economy and tough times, every cent counts..that would really be getting the most out of your cash, if $10 got you a chicken dinner and a small pot of soup for the next meal.. add some rice, or better yet, wild rice... or noodles.. and your in business.. never heard anyone talk about it before, so I figured I'd ask... someone give me a recipe :D


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  1. i always save my bones for stock - but you won't get that much out of it. cut up or left whole you'll still have the same carcass... it might give you a cup or 2 of good stock, but i'd just save them in your freezer until you get a substantial amount.

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      Agreed - you have to boil it for 2 hours minimum to break down the collagen, and it's just now worth it for a cup of stock; the house smells and you risk boiling the pan dry.

      The other problem with using any form of pre-cooked chicken (rotisserie, soy, wind-dried etc) is that the stock will carry that flavour over, especially if you use the skin.

    2. Save the bones until you get a bunch of them. I store them in a large zip top freezer bag and when it's full, I make stock.

      I use a crock pot for my stock and usually set it up Friday after dinner and strain it Saturday before lunch.


      1. I agree with the other posters that I'd save it in the freezer, and when you have a couple of chicken carcasses, make stock. When I remember to, I cut up the carcass into about 2" piece before freezing, as cutting the bones helps make the stock more gelatinous. I cover with cold water, bring to a simmer, and skim off the residue/foam on top. Then I add some coarsely chopped carrot, celery and onion, some parsley stems, salt, and a bay leaf. I simmer for about an hour, then taste, and let it simmer a little longer if I think it needs this. This is all based on a Julia Child recipe. Then strain, cool, refrigerate, freeze. (That said, in winter, I sometimes let it sit out overnight, bring it to a simmer again, then strain etc.)