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Apr 2, 2009 04:12 AM

Recs for lunch tomorrow in Italian Market [moved from Home Cooking]

My sister is visiting from Alabama and wants to wander the Italian Market tomorrow. Any recommendations for lunch right around there? I haven't been down there in a couple of years. I'm planning to park at 9th and Washington, and it sounds like we have a rainy forecast. Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sabrina's is great, but there's usually a long wait. The Royal Tavern is also very good.

      1. Depends on what you are looking for. There is Lorenzo's pizza at 9th and Christian for a great slice (no atmosphere). Georges right next door for a great cheesesteak . Anthony's across the street for panini and coffee, nice little coffee house. Down at Washington and 9th, Anastasi's seafood has a retaurant with a bar in the seafood store. Good basic seafood. Taqueria's abound (non with atmosphere) on Washington just west of 9th, and south on 9th on both sides of federal. At 9th and federal there is a new-ish French place (very casual) that I haven't been to, and O sandwiches for vietnamese hoagies. At 10th and Federal there is Bitars for falafel/etc and Slice for pizza and salad. Oh and just south on 9th are two cheesesteak vendors you might have heard of....

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            I'd recommend lunch at Shank & Evelyn's, a lunch counter / restaurant on S. 10th near Washington. It is a true slice of South Philly - no nonsense attitude and all! Good for breakfast or lunch (although they do dinner too) - Italian sausage, eggplant parmesan, I remember getting a good soup there too.

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              good addition! 10th Street at right about at Carpenter - midway between Christian and Washington

        1. Oh, and don't forget to get some cannoli at Isgro's!

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            MMMMM - Dessert
            Isgro's is on Christian between 10th and 11th!