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Apr 1, 2009 10:19 PM

Breakfast/Lunch in Newport Beach & Laguna Beach


Husband & I will be in Newport Beach for the weekend, staying at the Hyatt in NP. Looking for good breakfast & lunch places in Newport Beach ( nearby the hotel-- 15' drive) & Laguna Beach. Your recommendation is greatly appreciated.

Oh, also, great bakeries are a must! Thanks!

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  1. Great bakery would be Cream Pan in Tustin; a personal and CH favourite. Great b'fast would be The Original Pancake House, though I'm not sure where the closest one would be. If I was in the area for lunch my first spot to try would be Bluefin.

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      Looks like the closest OPH is in Aliso Viejo.

      Aliso Viejo
      26951 Moulton Parkway
      Aliso Viejo, California 92656
      949-643-8591 -- Best Pancake Nominee? -- Best Breakfast in Orange County

    2. I don't know of any great bakeries in OC. For a good lunch in Lagung you can check out Sapphire. For a good coffee Kean in Newport and for Italian Cucina Alessa. Marche Moderne is a great place for lunch and not too far from Newport.

      1. It doesn't have to be bakery that serves breakfast/lunch. We prefer really hearty/delicious breakfast/lunch then can cruise to a bakery to pick up some goodies later on our route.

        Panini Cafe is on my list for breakfast. Cream Pan seems to be good to pick up some croissants. Thanks.

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          Pacific Whey on CoastHighway in Crystal Cove would be my choice!! Also the Beachcomber across the highway-right on the sand with fantastic ocean view. Both super for bkfst or lunch or brunch! Both in Newport.

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            I'll second the Beachcomber....

        2. I liked the brunch at Las Brisas out in Laguna. Although, it's been a number of years since I've been there.

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            For breakfast or lunch in the Newport/Mesa area, one has to try Plum's on 17th Street in Costa Mesa. Really nice menu and very tasty food items. For dinner try Alessa on PCH in Newport. Another favoroite for brunch is the Cannery in Newport - good food, full bar and a nice view. What more could you want? Las Brisas in Laguna is all view - the food is terrible!

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              The food wasn't great... it was more than edible though... and the view, is spectacular.

          2. My favorite breakfast spots in Newport/Corona del Mar are Caffe Panini, Plums Café, Haute Cakes, and Zinc Cafe (locations in Coroina del Mar and Laguna Beach.) Most of these restaurants have outside seating, which I am partial to.

            For baked goods you should check out C'est si Bon located off Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach. It's very popular, especially on weekends. Get a slice of the chocolate bombe cake to go!