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Apr 1, 2009 10:03 PM

Hooray for Blues City Deli [St. Louis, MO]

Just like finding a $20 bill in your laundry, my lucky day was that sunny, chilly March Saturday afternoon I stumbled across Blues City Deli. One crack of the front door and the aromas of cured meats drilled like a sniper bullet. The miniscule dining room was full of content customers (of course, they were already eating). The line reached the door and get this, a 4 piece band was setting up in the window. Who does this? So after rubbing my eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming (damn, what a dream that would have been), I frantically searched the menu for my order. Well, I can say I ordered enough food for 8 people and it was all delish. However, the real jewel is the muffuletta. It is all that and on great bread. As a matter of fact all of their sandwiches are on good chewy bread to hold up against the overload of hearty ingredients. There is a million choices of chips and cool beverages. Didn't try the sides. I've keep going back and never get tired. Bravo and keep it up Blues City Deli.

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    1. Heartily agree. Great place, good value, they don't skimp on the meats. Very pleasant and hardworking staff. Two problems -- hard to find the first time, and very difficult to decide between the many great choices. (At Amighetti's, everyone knows exactly the one sandwich to order.)

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        Do you have an address? Sounds like somewhere I'd like to check out the next time we go to St. Louis.

        1. re: zataar

          I was curious, too, so here it is:; 2438 McNair, St. Louis, Mo. 63104

          1. re: alan

            Forgot to add the link

            Blues City Deli
            2438 McNair, Saint Louis, MO

            1. re: alan

              It is in the Benton Park neighborhood. Not far from Hodak's.