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What do you like on your pancakes (other than maple syrup)

I about fell over when I saw how expensive maple syrup has become at Save Mart. Trader Joe's has less pricey bottles but I really don't use that much of it. So far I have used fruit sauces, applesauce, cling peaches, jam and smuckers syrup. Any other ideas?

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  1. This is a pretty recent thread on the same topic. There were a lot of good ideas in it


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      Thanks. I actually did a search of pancakes, I must have overlooked it somehow.

    2. Buddah......lots of it !!!

      1. Hot fruit sauce. You can use a bag of frozen strawberries or blueberries or the fresh fruit if you have it or tart pie cherries if you happen to have a tree. Add about a cup of water and half a cup of sugar, bring to boil, thicken slightly with a heaping tablespoon of cornstarch dissolved in cold water. This is even better than maple syrup.

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          This right here is one of those simple things that makes people look like great cooks.

          Myself, I like coconut syrup and macadamia nuts...

        2. Im a big fan of Elviscakes. PB, banana and marshmallow fluff

          fwiw, I tend to only eat this after 1am, if you know what I mean!?:-)

          1. One thing that wasn't included in the link provided by DiningDiva (or I might have missed it) is Condensed Milk! I love condensed milk with pancakes, waffles, toasts, etc. Sometimes it is a layer of peanut butter and a layer of condensed milk!

            1. I grew up topping my mom's pancakes with lyle's syrup and real whipping cream. Recently I had pancakes at a restaurant and they did berries folded into whip cream, over chunks of sweet meringue! Maple syrup was on the side and it was as tasty as it was original!

              1. Fruit and whipped cream are always good; strawberries are classic, but worth doing only in season. Just about any kind of jam or fruit preserves is nice, and I agree with monku that a good soaking in butter first makes damn near anything else you put on'em taste good. My grandparents never had maple syrup on their table, only dark Karo and light molasses, both of which I liked okay, the molasses a bit more - I think any good cane syrup would beat the heck out of Karo. We were too poor for maple syrup, so mom would make simple syrup and then add maple flavoring, though I think I'd find that wanting now. Oh, and then of course there's always honey. We have some buckwheat honey, and I've been wondering how that would be on buckwheat pancakes.

                1. Applebutter.
                  Fruity yoghurt

                  1. I love thin pancakes, with jelly.

                    1. Peanut Butter...it gets all "melty" when you spread it on a hot pancake. Spread PB on pancake, pick up with hand, fold and eat. Yum.

                      1. Lemon juice! i love it on my crepes and you can add sugar if you want for a sweet kick oh so good i love my lemon. ;-)

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                            JAAMOI, the word pancakes in the UK means the same as crepes does in the US. American pancakes are what is known as Scotch pancakes or drop scones. UK pancakes are normally served as a dessert and certainly not with breakfast.

                            That's what fried bread is for.

                            They are called crepes in France and pannekoeken in Holland. I recommend Holland rather than France for (UK) pancakes and here's why. They have restaurants dedicated to pancakes - pannekoeken huizen. They are more like a pizza place. So if you want ham, egg, mushroom and tomato pancake, have that. Then follow it up with strawberries, whipped cream and and liquer.

                            These are some of the world's best munchies.

                        1. OTHER than maple syrup? I'm sorry, i don't understand the question. There is no Other, maybe a few "ands", but no other.

                          1. The maple syrup prices are not a big disappointment for me. I never liked pancakes until I was about 12 years old figured out you didn't have to eat them with syrup on them. Something about that gloppy soggy mess I just couldn't handle. To this day I eat them with butter and brown sugar.

                            1. As kids, Mom would put maple syrup and "Beehive" corn syrup on the table with pancakes. Sometimes I went maple, sometimes corn, and if Mom wasn't looking, sometimes both! (and, of course, with butter!). Pancakes and sausage - now that was a breakfast!

                              1. Maple syrup is first and foremost on a *usual* basis, but:

                                Dark molasses (not blackstrap, unless you're having a really bitter morning <g>)) is a wonderful, deeper, darker, more...umm, "gothic?" taste. Especially good on buttermilk cakes on the thin side. With some very well handled bacon. Preferably outside under the trees. Cay

                                  1. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon (with a mimosa, of course), I like my pancakes drizzled with Quady's Elysium (a black muscat). Can't drink the stuff on its own, but the pancakes really taste great with it!!

                                    1. Honey.
                                      Nutella (shhh!).