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Apr 1, 2009 09:51 PM

Must try food at Jazzfest?

We are coming to New Orleans for the week before Jazzfest and will only have one day actually at the Fest. Can you recommend a food item(s) that would be a "must" to eat there? Something we wouldn't find outside the fest ?

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  1. Pheasant quail and andouille gumbo, couchon de lait poboy, oyster combination platter, I'm sure others will recommend further but thise are my three favorites

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    1. re: roro1831

      I get the cochon de lait poboy at the Fest. I dream of it (and salivate) the rest of the year.

      1. re: roro1831

        Ditto Prejean's gumbo and cochon de lait poboy. Other favs: mango freeze, Natichoches meat pies, softshell crab po boy.

        1. re: roro1831

          +1 cochon de lait poboy. its much better than anything ive found out "in the wild".

        2. Cochon de lait poboy
          Seafood enchiladas
          Mango freeze
          Soft-shelled crab poboy
          Crawfish monica
          Crawfish sacks

          1. Rosemint Iced Tea
            Crawfish Monica
            Boudin Balls!!!
            Fresh shucked oysters (in the grandstand)

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            1. re: jessicheese

              Ooooh yeah! Forgot about those fresh oysters. They are always so plump, juicy and salty!

              1. re: nikinik

                I only just found them on my last trip to Jazz Fest.

                These posts make me so wistful on the years that i can't make it!!!!

            2. Jamila's crawfish spinach and zucchini bisque
              L'il Dizzy's trout w/crabmeat

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              1. re: edible complex

                Wow...thanks for the tips...all these sound delicious. I will write these down and look for the stands. The couchon de lait poboy was mentioned several times so I will definetly try that one.

                1. re: makecake

                  The pheasant, quail & andouille gumbo is a must have as well.

                  I like & agree with most of the items mentioned, but if you have to narrow it down to 2 items, the cochon du lait poboy & the gumbo. But really, try to eat as many of these different items as you can. I always share mine so I can have variety! And you could always walk out of the gate with one of the more portable items, altho one year I did walk out with a bowl of gumbo! Just had to have another!

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                    Gratin Louisiane is a favorite of the wife. 2nd CDL po boy,and Prejean's gumbo.

                    1. re: stevuchan

                      Soft Shell Crab Po Boy......Yummmmmmy! Crawfish Monica and I like the BBQ Oyster Po Boy if that is there..... The best advice given is to go around and see what looks good. Everything!

                2. I second pretty much all of the other recommendations and whole heartedly endorse multiple cochon de lait poboys.

                  A new one for the fest (and for me) last year was the duck poboy, which was quite tasty and deserved to take the place of one my many cochon de lait poboys (take what you will from that recommendation).


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                  1. re: thecajunfoodie

                    In agreement, also a new addition this year is LA Crawfish Po Boy. Just to add also a fan of Alligator Sauce Piquante and (Crack)lins.

                    Food list is up