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Apr 1, 2009 09:51 PM

Best place for A-5 Kobe in Las Vegas...

Hi, everyone,

The two of us are going to be in Las Vegas the first week of May, and my partner and I are hankering to have our very first experience with A-5 grade Kobe steak. We've done some research, but I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for the best place for this? So far, Craftsteak and Stripsteak are frontrunners, but we're only basing this on reviews of other food at each. Obviously, we're expecting to shill out a quite a bit but if there are some comparable places, I wouldn't mind knowing where we'd get the most bang for our buck.


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  1. had great kobe at Cut in the palazzo, Craft and michael mina both are excellent as well. I've attached a picture from cut of what they come around with to show you the difference of american and japanese kobe.

      1. CUT has excellent beef. Of course, none of the restaurants mentioned serve authentic Kobe beef, but rather Japanese wagyu (or American wagyu-like breeds). That's not to say that CUT's Japanese wagyu is inferior to Kobe beef - it's just not Kobe beef.

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        1. re: Larry

          Thanks for the replies thus far - I guess I'm throwing the Kobe name out too freely, I just kind of assumed that if a restaurant of that calibre puts "Kobe" on the menu that it is. Live and learn.

          CUT's menu lists a significantly lower price for their highest-end wagyu (about $100 less than the comparable servings at both Craftsteak and Michael Mina's Stripsteak). The menu also doesn't state what grade of meat this is, so I'm assuming they don't serve A5. Does anyone know what grade they do serve?

          Interested in knowing if any of you have tried the wagyu at all of these places and can offer up a comparison? I've read some not-so-flattering things about Puck's various LV restos lately, so I was a bit wary of choosing CUT. I'll reconsider now.

          Also, do any of these places outshine the others when it comes to sides? We're suckers for great steakhouse side dishes.

          1. re: Nox

            I don't recommend Wagyu beef in steak form.

            Wagyu beef -- because it's so heavily marbled -- is best enjoyed sliced thin and cooked as part of a shabu-shabu experience.

            A big chunk of Wagyu -- with all that heavy marbling -- is just too much; it's like fat overkill.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              I disagree. If it's perfectly cooked you should be able to cut it with a fork and it should just melt in your mouth like foie. I know mine was like that at Cut and MM.

        2. fyi..... i know that this post is from an out of towner looking to eat at a restaurant, but the butcher block (rainbow and warm springs) has started carrying a5 beef. we picked some up for a bbq for ncaa, and wow. as good as anywhere ive had it and only $140-150/lb depending on the cut, that day they only had tenderloin. much cheaper than paying $20-30 an ounce depending on where you go. it is worth checking out if anyones looking for a luxurious home bbq.

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          1. re: palmdoc1

            Best line of the day:

            "only $140-150/lb "

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I know I plan to make a stop there after my next trip to vegas. Shipping charges are ridiculous for over night delivery.