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Dim Sum with the Yimster and Balini - a Chowdown at Fisherman's Terrace (Richmond BC)

Pics: http://picasaweb.google.ca/gustibus.m...

Nine local foodlovers and Chowhounds made it out to a weekday dim sum lunch at Fisherman's Terrace (Richmond) in what was supposed to be a "mini-Chowdown" for yimster, well known denizen of the San Francisco Boards here on Chowhound and balini - a Vancouver ex-pat and Chowhound now living in a tropical paradise....both here on short visits.

Yimster has been coming up to BC for about ten years to visit family and enjoy some Chinese food....and it was not the first time he has been here to Fisherman's Terrace....he actually recommended this restaurant. It did not disappoint.

Fisherman's Terrace is one of the anchor tenants at Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. This restaurant in bright, upscale and modern. The service fast, efficient, unobtrusive, and accommodating. The place was packed on this Wednesday.

Yimster, who speaks Cantonese, handled the ordering. We started off with a couple of pots of Jasmine Tea. Yimster recommended (and ordered) a different tea with Chrysanthemum as a better match for the oiliness of dim sum.

We then ate an array of dim sum classics which came fast and furious: Har Gao, Sui Mai, Steamed Eel with XO Sauce, Shrimp Spring Rolls, Deep Fried Bean Curd Skin Rolls, Rice Roll Chinese Donut with Dried Pork Floss, Vegetarian Goose, Pork Spareribs and Black Bean, Pan Fried Corn and Fish Paste Patties, Octopus - Japanese Style, Deep Fried Spicy Squid, Deep Fried Spicy Smelt...and after looking at the bill...I think they forgot to charge us for the Three Treasures.

I would say all the dishes were very good to outstanding except the overcooked Spicy Squid (which was a bit rubbery). My favourites were the Deep Fried Smelt which were pregnant with roe, the Octopus, and the Vegetable Goose.

It all came to $18 per person...and we were all stuffed by the end of it. We did manage to save a bit of room for a cream puff at Beard Papa at the food court afterwards. A quick spin through Daiso, the Japanese 100-yen store and we bid adieu.

Until next year, yimster and balini.

In the meantime the Vancouver Chowhounds are planning for the next one at Bing Sheng. (technically Chowdown #4...since we are probably going to call this one Chowdown #3.5).

Pics: http://picasaweb.google.ca/gustibus.m...

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  1. Location (and pics of the politically incorrect Sharkfins)

    Fisherman's Terrace Seafood Restaurant
    4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X4J7, CA

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    1. re: fmed

      Looks like another great get together! Awesome photos fmed.

    2. Oh my! Is it too late to catch a flight up there tonight?

      1. Fantastic pics fmed, now how do I get the drool out of my keyboard? Lambert sure knows how to order doesn't he? We recently were privy to his skills for a Sichuan dinner and Lao/Hmong lunch.

        1. Oh my god, that looks so yummy. Very nice pics. I'm getting dim sum cravings now. What is that in picture 4/5? shiitake mushrooms in .... grilled bean curd....? And is picture 28/29 filled with rice? Sorry, one more.. what's 34? Thanks ;) Anyway, I think I need to make a weekend trip to the mainland sometime soon.

          Would anybody happen to have recommendations for good chinese food in Victoria?

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          1. re: sumashi

            4/5 are the Vegetable Goose (tofu skin and mushrooms).
            28/9 is the Fish Cake and Corn (pan-fried patties of fresh white fleshed fish paste and corn)
            34 is the Three Treasures (in this case stuffed bell peppers and stuffed eggplant. The stuffing is mainly tofu).

            1. re: fmed

              I wish I could join you all on your chowmeets, but it's tough to go on a weekday night. Dim sum is one of those things that are definitely more fun with a big group of people :)

              1. re: sumashi

                You know where to reach us ;)

            2. re: sumashi

              Since no one else chime in I will. My Uncle lives in Victoria and I normally visit him every other year (the other year he comes over to the lower mainland to enjoy food in Richmond).

              Victoria Chinese has gotten better recently.

              Best won ton and Cantonese roast duck at Tong Ho on Douglas.

              Two places with decent dim sum Fountain something location in the Red Loin Hotel also on Douglas. Same side of the street.

              Also Golden City near Victoria Chinatown.

              Not as good as Fisherman Terrace.

              In the past fifteen year the Bay Area has come closer to matching the Cantonese/Hong Kong style food. Still better here, but I can get great at home too.

              I need to unpack and read the stack of mail then I will post my King Crab dinner in Richmond.

              1. re: yimster

                Thanks yimster. We go over to the Island on a regular basis - but almost always to visit non-foodie relatives...so lots of home-cooked meals.

            3. Great pictures, too good in fact. Now I miss Vancouver dim sum again. Need to stop torturing myself like that. I think I need to plan another visit home soon.

              1. Thanks to all the local hounds for meeting me for a mini-chowdown.

                Really enjoy sharing dim sum with so many mouths since when our family gets together there not as many so less dishes.

                Fisherman's Terrace has some really great/good dishes but no dim sum tea house has all outstanding dishes, so we have to be selective on what to order.

                I agree that the salt and pepper squid was overcooked and rubbery.

                I think one dim sum dish was left off the list a shrimp and scallop dumpling.

                Also last year the smelt with roe was fattier and even better.

                Hope to do something like this again next time I come up.

                It was a joy to share a meal with you all.

                Now as I just return to the Bay Area I need to check my full email boxes. I guess I know what is top of my list Chowhound.

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                1. re: yimster

                  It was a pleasure yimster. Next year!

                  1. re: fmed

                    I have to weigh in to give a special shout out to the shrimp spring rolls here. Good examples of these little tubes of happiness are hard to find in the Lower Mainland, I think, and they are a favourite of mine. Yimster managed to get us two variations -- one with black fungus and water chestnut, and the other with cilantro or "Chinese parsley" as we used to call it back in the day. I was tipped off to their potential high quality by a recent blurb in the Georgia Straight and I felt they lived up to the hype, in no small part because they were served tongue-searingly fresh out of the deep fryer. I was a bit surprised at the relative number of items that came to our table less than screaming hot, which I've always been told was an advantage of ordering a la carte instead of grabbing off a cart :-).

                    It was a ton of fun getting together with visiting and local 'Hounds on a weekday morning too -- the feeling of playing hooky only added to the enjoyment!

                2. Drooooool.....

                  Those pictures are fabulous. I really get a sense for the texture of the dumpling skins, they look great. And those fried smelts are one of my favorite dim sum offerings ever. Great report as always!

                  1. fmed, they did charge us for the stuffed eggplant. It is last item for 16.80. It did not have any English but I read enough to pick it out.

                    I will let you all know when I come up next time.

                    1. Wow! Yum! Outstanding!...and other shouts worthy of an exclamation point! Having just returned from a tennis tournament in Puerto Rico I opened my e-mail hoping to find a note from my wife, Balini, telling me how much she missed me but instead her note directed me to the photos of some of the most fabulous food one can put on a plate! Apparently I'm not missed at all. I've been replaced by deep fried smelt, Har Gao, fish paste patties and pan fried corn. And $18/person? I spent that on 2 average Tapas dishes at the Casa I was staying at. Clearly I was eating at the wrong place! I want to thank all the Vancouver Chowhounds for taking such good care of my favorite Chowhound. From her ramblings about all of you I feel I know some of you personally and I know when we Skype later tonight her eyes will be glazed over with nostalgia as she recounts her Chowdown with you all. I hope to enjoy a Chowdown with you all one day as well! Isn't eating well grand?

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                      1. re: cookedandpickled

                        HI cookedandpickled...

                        Yes - we made sure balini was well fed while you were gone. Make sure to join us if you ever come up this way.

                        (To add insult to injury it was $18 total -- tip included!)

                        1. re: fmed

                          Does anyone have a menu they could post? I tried looking but it does not appear that the place has a webpage?

                          1. re: Pollo

                            Sorry Pollo, I didn't think of taking pics of the menus. I don't think they have a website.

                            1. re: fmed

                              OK....I guess based on the reviews that this is the best option for dim sum in Richmond if not the whole Vancouver? I will check it out next time I'm in Richmond. Do you know if they have special discounts for early seating on Saturdays/Sundays?

                              1. re: Pollo

                                No discounts for early seating on weekends. They seem to have enough business on weekend, in fact it is petty full on weekends. When have gone on weekends we go early.

                                Sun Sui Wah on Main in Vancouver is good too. Have not been to the Richmond location of the same.

                                1. re: Pollo

                                  I would say that Fisherman's Terrace is one of the best options. SSW (Richmond), Kirin, Shanghai River (for Northern dim sum), Gingeri, Shiang Garden (some modern dim sum), Jade, are a few others. There are many worthy dim sum places in Richmond.

                              2. re: Pollo

                                It is petty complete standard menu most of normal items and more than a few specials items. Which I did not order. I like some petty uncommon stuff. If you want ask something you want I may be able to remember.

                                I will check my old menu later next week. I may have a old menu. I have a habit of collecting menus.

                            2. re: cookedandpickled

                              cookedandpickled, you have to know that chowhounds are some of the nicest people in the world. We share a passion for good food and company. It was a pleasure to meet Balini for this meal.

                            3. Guess what? Got myself over to Vancouver last weekend on the 7am ferry and got to Fisherman's Terrace at 10am!!
                              We were one of the first ones there, but wow, the place picked up really fast.
                              We ordered:
                              shrimp dumplings
                              shrimp spring rolls
                              corn and fishpaste patties
                              veggie goose
                              steamed eel with xo sauce
                              turnip cake

                              We wanted rice roll with beef, which we've had at other dim sum, but for some reason couldn't find it... o_o
                              I also asked for "Three Treasures" to the waiter, because I couldn't find it on the menu, but I don't think he knew what I was talking about because he looked confused and then said "no"... For future reference, is there a Chinese name for it?
                              As grayelf mentioned, the shrimp spring rolls were awesome. Hot and crispy, we actually ordered another plate after our first order :)
                              The shrimp dumplings were also yummy and the eel was really soft and tender. I think I've only ever had grilled and bbq eel before, so I enjoyed it.
                              The veggie goose was alright for the first few, but I wasn't too fond of the flavour.
                              I made the mistake of not ordering no 'real' meat dishes (which is bad when you're dining with two guys who like meat) so next time, I'll have to try some pork/beef/chicken dishes :)
                              Service was good and food came out pretty fast, i'd say.
                              Anyway, thanks for the rec, enjoyed it!

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                              1. re: sumashi

                                They have good duck there (if you are looking for meat dishes).

                                Try pronouncing it like this: San Bao (Bow)....San = three, Bao = Treasure. "Treasures" is a somewhat generic way of describing a dish...(you'll have "Eight Treasures", "Three Treasures Fried Rice" etc. as well).

                                1. re: sumashi

                                  Next time try asking a dish off the main menu. Stuffed Three Treasures, Three items (depending on what is available that day).

                                  Shrimp and fish pate stuffed vegetables.