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Apr 1, 2009 09:10 PM

Dim Sum with the Yimster and Balini - a Chowdown at Fisherman's Terrace (Richmond BC)


Nine local foodlovers and Chowhounds made it out to a weekday dim sum lunch at Fisherman's Terrace (Richmond) in what was supposed to be a "mini-Chowdown" for yimster, well known denizen of the San Francisco Boards here on Chowhound and balini - a Vancouver ex-pat and Chowhound now living in a tropical paradise....both here on short visits.

Yimster has been coming up to BC for about ten years to visit family and enjoy some Chinese food....and it was not the first time he has been here to Fisherman's Terrace....he actually recommended this restaurant. It did not disappoint.

Fisherman's Terrace is one of the anchor tenants at Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. This restaurant in bright, upscale and modern. The service fast, efficient, unobtrusive, and accommodating. The place was packed on this Wednesday.

Yimster, who speaks Cantonese, handled the ordering. We started off with a couple of pots of Jasmine Tea. Yimster recommended (and ordered) a different tea with Chrysanthemum as a better match for the oiliness of dim sum.

We then ate an array of dim sum classics which came fast and furious: Har Gao, Sui Mai, Steamed Eel with XO Sauce, Shrimp Spring Rolls, Deep Fried Bean Curd Skin Rolls, Rice Roll Chinese Donut with Dried Pork Floss, Vegetarian Goose, Pork Spareribs and Black Bean, Pan Fried Corn and Fish Paste Patties, Octopus - Japanese Style, Deep Fried Spicy Squid, Deep Fried Spicy Smelt...and after looking at the bill...I think they forgot to charge us for the Three Treasures.

I would say all the dishes were very good to outstanding except the overcooked Spicy Squid (which was a bit rubbery). My favourites were the Deep Fried Smelt which were pregnant with roe, the Octopus, and the Vegetable Goose.

It all came to $18 per person...and we were all stuffed by the end of it. We did manage to save a bit of room for a cream puff at Beard Papa at the food court afterwards. A quick spin through Daiso, the Japanese 100-yen store and we bid adieu.

Until next year, yimster and balini.

In the meantime the Vancouver Chowhounds are planning for the next one at Bing Sheng. (technically Chowdown #4...since we are probably going to call this one Chowdown #3.5).


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  1. Location (and pics of the politically incorrect Sharkfins)

    Fisherman's Terrace Seafood Restaurant
    4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X4J7, CA

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    1. re: fmed

      Looks like another great get together! Awesome photos fmed.

    2. Oh my! Is it too late to catch a flight up there tonight?

      1. Fantastic pics fmed, now how do I get the drool out of my keyboard? Lambert sure knows how to order doesn't he? We recently were privy to his skills for a Sichuan dinner and Lao/Hmong lunch.

        1. Oh my god, that looks so yummy. Very nice pics. I'm getting dim sum cravings now. What is that in picture 4/5? shiitake mushrooms in .... grilled bean curd....? And is picture 28/29 filled with rice? Sorry, one more.. what's 34? Thanks ;) Anyway, I think I need to make a weekend trip to the mainland sometime soon.

          Would anybody happen to have recommendations for good chinese food in Victoria?

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          1. re: sumashi

            4/5 are the Vegetable Goose (tofu skin and mushrooms).
            28/9 is the Fish Cake and Corn (pan-fried patties of fresh white fleshed fish paste and corn)
            34 is the Three Treasures (in this case stuffed bell peppers and stuffed eggplant. The stuffing is mainly tofu).

            1. re: fmed

              I wish I could join you all on your chowmeets, but it's tough to go on a weekday night. Dim sum is one of those things that are definitely more fun with a big group of people :)

              1. re: sumashi

                You know where to reach us ;)

            2. re: sumashi

              Since no one else chime in I will. My Uncle lives in Victoria and I normally visit him every other year (the other year he comes over to the lower mainland to enjoy food in Richmond).

              Victoria Chinese has gotten better recently.

              Best won ton and Cantonese roast duck at Tong Ho on Douglas.

              Two places with decent dim sum Fountain something location in the Red Loin Hotel also on Douglas. Same side of the street.

              Also Golden City near Victoria Chinatown.

              Not as good as Fisherman Terrace.

              In the past fifteen year the Bay Area has come closer to matching the Cantonese/Hong Kong style food. Still better here, but I can get great at home too.

              I need to unpack and read the stack of mail then I will post my King Crab dinner in Richmond.

              1. re: yimster

                Thanks yimster. We go over to the Island on a regular basis - but almost always to visit non-foodie lots of home-cooked meals.

            3. Great pictures, too good in fact. Now I miss Vancouver dim sum again. Need to stop torturing myself like that. I think I need to plan another visit home soon.