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Apr 1, 2009 09:05 PM

Pastured Eggs from Hector's Honey (Fulton/Santa Rosa)

I've posted about the honey, and even the milperos (tiny tomatillos) from Hector's Honey sold at various farmers market or at the Fulton farm. I've bought garlic too. Last Saturday we tried the eggs, purchased at the Santa Rosa farmers market. Pretty in shades of brown and Araucana blue, they're $7 per dozen. Definitely on the steep side, and mostly medium size with a couple larges and one jumbo size, to my eye. But all cost issues were forgotten once we cracked them open and had a chance to taste them. The yolks are a deep red-orange. I used some to make a bread pudding, and whisk as I might, i couldn't fully break up the yolks, they were so thick. The resulting custard was a deep saffron yellow color, so beautiful and even more delicious to eat.

Hector's Honey
2794 Fulton Road, Fulton, CA

Santa Rosa Farmers Market
1531 Maple Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

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  1. I looked at the label more closely when making my egg breakfast on Sunday and noticed that these are fertile eggs. One week older, the yolks are still amazing, sitting upright like firm globes and not spreading in the pan. Very rich and so delicious.

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      Do you know if they sell the eggs at the Fulton location? I might be up that way before Easter. I have my green eggs, I have my white eggs, I have my eggs in various shades of brown from deep speckled chocolate to pale tan. However, I'm hoping to score some blue eggs before Easter.

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        I would suggest calling. I once made an appt to stop by the Fulton farm to buy honey. At the time, the lady said that they were thinking of having a regular farmstand there since it's on a pretty high traffic street. Maybe they have. And if not, they'd probably be willing to make an appt. When you're in the area, you should also stop by Green Grocer in Windsor, which sells chicken and duck eggs by the piece. You can pick out the size, shape and color you want.

        ETA: the araucana blue eggs are bluish-green and might be the same shade you already have.

    2. A nice piece in the WSJ about Hector's Honey . . . and plans to build a farm stand this year.

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        Thanks Melanie,
        I love Hector's - eucalyptus honey is by far my favorite.

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          I stopped by Hector's booth at Saturday's Santa Rosa farmers market and learned that the farmstand is scheduled to open this spring. Not too long away!

          Eggs are up to $8 per dozen now.

          I bought dried jujubes from them that I will use for making Chinese stocks. Great to have a local source.