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Best Crab Dip in Annapolis?

winecafe95 Apr 1, 2009 08:46 PM

Looking for opinions....a bunch of girls are getting together for a weekend trip in Annapolis...and on the list will be Storm Bros.....and Crab Dip.

Where is your favorite go-to for crab dip and wine for a lazy afternoon?

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  1. ktmoomau RE: winecafe95 Apr 2, 2009 06:57 AM

    I like McGarvey's. It is cream cheese based, not cheddar, which I think makes awful crab dip. They give you a big loaf of toasted baguette and will bring you another if need be. Good amount of crab.

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    1. re: ktmoomau
      nosey RE: ktmoomau Apr 2, 2009 05:47 PM

      I miss Riordan's!

      1. re: nosey
        winecafe95 RE: nosey Apr 2, 2009 09:06 PM

        Riordan's is GONE? When did that happen?

        1. re: winecafe95
          ktmoomau RE: winecafe95 Apr 3, 2009 07:17 AM

          Probably over a year ago now... sad really.

    2. j
      JQuigs RE: winecafe95 Apr 3, 2009 07:39 AM

      If the weather is good go to Sly Fox and sit on the patio. Last summer the crab dip was good. It is right off Church Circle.

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