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Apr 1, 2009 08:46 PM

Best Crab Dip in Annapolis?

Looking for opinions....a bunch of girls are getting together for a weekend trip in Annapolis...and on the list will be Storm Bros.....and Crab Dip.

Where is your favorite go-to for crab dip and wine for a lazy afternoon?

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  1. I like McGarvey's. It is cream cheese based, not cheddar, which I think makes awful crab dip. They give you a big loaf of toasted baguette and will bring you another if need be. Good amount of crab.

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      1. re: nosey

        Riordan's is GONE? When did that happen?

        1. re: winecafe95

          Probably over a year ago now... sad really.

    1. If the weather is good go to Sly Fox and sit on the patio. Last summer the crab dip was good. It is right off Church Circle.