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Apr 1, 2009 08:29 PM

Pho 234 in Manassas

I finally discovered Pho 234 on Sudley Rd in Manassas -- they have been open for several months now, in the same strip mall as the Global grocery store. It's a good place. I usually go to Pho Gourmet a little further down the road and this new offering is a nice alternative. So far I have had exceptionally good fried spring rolls (cha gio), a good bowl of pho-with-everything, good rice-paper rolls with shrimp (what are they called again?), and a very nicwe vermicelli dish with grilled shrimp. In contrast to the usual presentation of this dish in a bowl with the veggies on the bottom, at Pho 234 this is served as a beautifully composed arrangement on a square plate with little piles of the varioous garnishes perched around the edges.

Overall there is a nicer atmosphere here than at Pho Gourmet and the food seems to be at least an even match. Also the service is VERY friendly, not intrusively so but nice folks for sure.

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  1. Thanks-I can't wait to try it. I have been going to Pho Gourmet for years but I think their broth is not as good as it used to be. Also their grilled quail is no longer "saucy" like it once was. Awesome spring rolls though. I like the Global market too-so I can make a trip of it!