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Apr 1, 2009 08:16 PM

Perfume smelling sugar

We keep our sugar in a ceramic container by the stove. We don't use a lot of sugar. A five pound bag lasts more than a year. My daughter was having coffee and notice that her coffee with sugar smelled (and tasted?) like perfume. She traced it down to the sugar, which had the perfume smell to it.

Has anyone come across this before? Did the sugar go bad or ? Any chemists out there that might have a clue? I tossed the sugar.


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  1. April Fools!!!!

    Just kidding.

    If you use a scoop for the sugar, maybe some of the soap from washing the scoop or measuring cup came in contact with the sugar. I'm not a chemist by trade, but virtually nothing malevolent grows in sugar. It is just too hygroscopic.

    Oh well.

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      One time a friend made some homemade candies and put them in a gift bag with a scented candle. I don't know how long they sat in the bag. The candle was wrapped. The candies were bagged but the perfume from the candle still contaminated the candies. Do you have an scented candle or air fresheners near the sugar? I think sugar absorbs scents and flavors easily. I've made rose geranium sugar simply by burying a few leaves in a container of sugar.

    2. My gandmother would flavor her sugar with my grandfather's tobacco by mixing them together and then sifting the tobacco out through a fine strainer a few weeks later. She used the sugar for her tea, custards, and homemade caramels. I remember it was yummiest as the filling in cinnamon nut rolls. (She would bury chocolate chips in his tobacco sometimes, too.)