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Apr 1, 2009 08:10 PM

best gelato/ice cream in barcelona

Hi there,

I'm posting for a friend who is making the trip in about 2 weeks. Are there any can't miss gelato or ice cream stores in the city? Places with homemade goods and exciting flavors, perhaps?


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  1. I can't recommend any particulars, but I always stay away from the usuals and pick a flavor that either I can't translate, or have not seen before. Never disappointed!

    1. try Dino┬┤s, several outposts including a nice one in BArceloneta. Chocolate and pistachio are great, roquefort is unusual but fun!

      1. For something more "old school," try Farga. They have several outlets, but the one on Diagonal right off Paseo de Gracia is great.

        1. Was just in barcelona last weekend...and had some gelato at Gelateria Toscana (or something like that)'s in the Born area, on a corner near Santa Maria del Mar church..they make good, proper gelato. But there are millions of heladerias-gelaterias in Barcelona. You will have no trouble finding one.

          A couple of others in Barrio Gotico (from my notes) are Pagliotta on Calle Jaume 1, and Gelaaati on Calle Llibreteria 7.

          1. You have absolutely to try Bellamia - Gelateria Italiana, in c/ Espaseria (very near to Santa Maria del Mar Church) in the Born area (Ciudad Vella).
            The shop has just opened and I stepped into it by chance, but it is one of the best ice cream shops I visited ever.


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              I second BellaMia. My new favorite gelateria in Barcelona (possibly anywhere).