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Apr 1, 2009 07:47 PM

ISO Organic/Heirloom Seedlings!

I know this is stretching it in terms of being on topic, but I'm so excited I could burst. We installed a container garden today at work and have about half a container to fill with my own choice of veggies!! Now, I just have to find them this weekend! So any recs of places where I can get a good selection of organic and/or heirloom seedlings would be appreciated

And here's how our garden is already shaping up!! We got Squash, Bell Peppers, Various Lettuces, Raddichio and Tomatoes...



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  1. Off the top of my head, two places come to mind. Some of the stands at the SM farmers market (wed and sat) on Arizona usually have a lot of heirloom seedlings and I think organic as well. The African-American gentleman who sets up around 3rd Street usually has some very interesting stuff. He is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I think he was featured on "Good Food" or the SM farmers market segment a couple of months ago.

    Marina Gardens on Mindanao between the 90 freeway normally has tons of good seedlings. I haven't been in a while but they have always been my first choice for seedlings like tomatoes, peppers, cucs and herbs.

    1. Agree with bulavinaka, farmers markets seem to be your best bet. I've gotten a few things from the saturday Torrance guy(alpine strawberries, brandywine, lettuces, herbs). All good so far! Especially the strawberries, really excited that they are flowering.

      1. I just saw your container garden - the nice sunny location and the planting mix looks perfect. Basil is supposed to suppress some of the bad bugs from tomatoes - I've had mixed results. Marina Gardens usually has a good selection of herbs. You can try planting some basil at the base of your tomatoes to hopefully give you some tasty protection.

        Given the location, you should enjoy snail-free gardening as long as no eggs/hatchlings were in the planting mix or on the seedlings. Keep an eye on your peppers as well. Lots of pesty bugs love them. Good luck!

        1. You should definitely check out one of the Tomatomania events if you want to plant some heirloom tomato varieties. I visited their booth at the LA Garden Show last year and took home a Sunsugar and Black Krim. Both produced amazing tomatoes all summer!