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Afternoon Tea at Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills

Went this afternoon for afternoon tea at new Montage Hotel on Canon in Beverly Hills. Very civilized.

Tea is in the "Lobby Lounge." Nice lounge with sofas. Harp player. Expert and gracious service. Handpainted English-style china.

The best selection of teas that I have seen at a local hotel. The teas are from Algabar on La Brea. The usual gimmicky blended teas, but also honest to goodness real tea such as a first flush Darjeeling, a second flush Darjeeling, etc. There were at least 20 teas on the list.

Food also nice, although too much (we took a lot home). Tea sandwiches, scones and sweets.

Thought it was much nicer than tea at the Peninsula.. Better food and a much better tea selection.

Tip - park in City parking on Beverly Dr., just north of Wilshire, east side of the street, and walk through the courtyard to the Montage entrance, rather than using valet parking in front of the hotel on Canon.

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  1. Thanks for the report! I was wondering how the Afternoon Tea was there. It's nice that you also compared it to the Peninsula's since that is usually my place to go!

    1. if i park in that parking structure, i will NEED to make an additional stop at sno:la for their excellent (very tart) frozen yogurt. . . .

      1. What's the pricing for the afternoon tea like?

        1. Thanks for the review. Went for tea at the Peninsula around Christmas and was not as impressed as I have been in the past. Will have to check this out. I'm curious about the price too!

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            Just checked my credit card receipt. $36.59 with tax and tip per person.

          2. Has anyone been recently? It will be a toss up between this and the chocolate tea at the Langham.

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              We had out-of-town family guests recently and I, too, was between the Langham and the Montage for afternoon tea. With other things happening, we never did make it to either. However, I have walked through the Montage recently during afternoon tea and it appeared very, very fine, as omotosando (the original poster) has described.

              I spoke with both the Langham and the Montage on the phone and both were gracious and inviting. Fru, I think that you could select either and enjoy the experience. The Montage is beautiful and serene; the Langham offers a chocolate selection unlike any other.

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                Thanks liu. It is 2 moms and 3, 11-almost 12 year olds and I really thought they would dig the chocolate plus it is closer as we are in Pasadena/Glendale.

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                  Hi, Fru!
                  I think a tea party is the perfect way to "rise to the occasion!" I think your almost-12-year-olds will enjoy the sophistication of the afternoon.

                  I tea party at home with our 3+ granddaughter all the time and use it as an opportunity to discuss manners. She loves to put the napkin in her lap, pass the milk with the handle facing the receiver and keep the conversation pleasant.

                  Enjoy and please report back! I will anxiously await the details!

                  1. re: liu

                    We're looking to do this just after Christmas. Hopefully I'm not too late with my decision but I will report back!

              2. re: Fru

                I haven't been to the Langham tea, but the Montage is lovely, very peaceful with a harpist and all. "Civilized" is a good word to describe it.

                I took my grandmother for tea there about a month ago, and as described above, the tea selection is excellent. I can't recall the exact sandwich selection, but from what I remember the sandwiches, scones and sweets ranged from good to excellent. It is a very leisurely experience, so I'm not sure how well 3 11-year olds will take to a 2+ hour tea, but it is very well done and service is very gracious and first-rate.

                It is on the pricey side. I think it ran us close to $50 each with tax and tip.

                1. re: sidwich

                  My wife is interested in going to one of these afternoon teas with our (polite and restaurant-trained) 14 year old daughter. Any opinions on whether anyplace in particular--the Montage, Gordon Ramsay, somewhere else would be better or worse with a kid?

                2. re: Fru

                  I know this is a little late, but I prefer the Montage. It is much more elegant and the food is better too. I went to the Langham for tea a couple of months ago and was very disappointed.

                  I didn't have the chocolate tea, just the regular one. I thought the whole room seemed a little worn, the piano music was too loud, the tea is not loose leaf, the servers don't know how to serve afternoon tea, there were tiny holes in the table cloths, the sandwiches seemed like they were made the day before, I can go on and on... It could have been just an off day;o)

                  My favorite place is the Montage and I also enjoy the Peninsula. As long as the children are well behaved, they would be welcomed at both places, although it is very sedate.

                  1. re: BombayUpWithaTwist

                    Afternoon tea with tea bags???? Very sad.

                    1. re: omotosando

                      As I recall, they may have not used tea bags at the Langham, but there were no tea leaves in the pot and I jumped to that conclusion. Part of the experience is using a tea strainer;-). I've been to many Afternoon Teas, including in London and Langham is at the bottom of my list.

                3. Thank you for the parking tip. I'm going to a wedding shower tea at the Montage today and was wondering where I could park to avoid the valet!