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Apr 1, 2009 07:35 PM

Houston/San Antonio Farewell Trip Eats/Sights

I posted this under a different title yesterday and only got one reply so I thought I would try again and re-title it.

I am returning to Houston for my 25 year grad school reunion in one week. We will be traveling to San Antonio for a few days then a few days in Houston. I would appreciate any suggestions for great places to eat and/or visit in and around those two areas.

I will not be traveling out of Houston proper so food and activities close to the center would be great. In San Antonio we plan to venture out. I did visit New Braunfels when I was in school and loved the German atmosphere so we may be heading back that way. I am also traveling with my 11 year old son who would like some interesting things to do. I understand that there is a river for canoeing somewhere near New Braunfels. We would like stuff like that. We may travel to Austin so my son can visit the dreaded home of the Longhorns (for some reason he already thinks he is a Gator).

Please send family suggestions. We all like really good food but don’t need anything fancy or over the top. Good wine is always appreciated. We will definitely be visiting Goode Company, and the original Ninfas in Houston other than that we are open.

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  1. I'm going to suggest Jax Grill because my neices loves it and I don't have kids so have to go by what they say. Heh. It's not expensive and definitely not fancy. It gets swamped during lunch time though. It's between Shepherd's Drive and Durham right off of I-10. They have burgers (although I find them under-seasoned), big nice salads, steaks, great black bean soup, griled catfish, etc. I like Jax grill too. Eat there every Thursday. Don't go here for wine though.

    1. Barnaby's might be a good place. Again my neices like it. There's paintings of dogs and bones on the ceiling. Cute place. I believe there's three or four locations now, including a breakfast location (Baby Barnaby's). The food is good too. My only real complaint is it is very noisy inside the restaurant.

      1. I won't try and talk you out of Goode Co.(I am not a fan), and be aware that Ninfa's has a new owner and menu with many items you will not recognize, plus many of the old offerings have been reworked. If you have some old favorites, ask them to prepare them the old way, many of the waiters and kitchen staff have been there for years, and they understand. I don't know when you went there last, but the margaritas won't pound you into the ground the way they did back in the eighties. One of the waiters I know told me they cut back on the tequila.

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        1. re: James Cristinian

          I prefer Don Carlos on 76th over the Ninfas.

        2. And I will repeat that while you are in San Antonio you absolutely should take the quick jaunt over to Luling for BBQ at City Market. Have a few samples of wet brisket and hot links, and then make the run up to Lockhart for the same thing at Smitty's, Black's and, if you have time, Kreuz Market.

          Although that will completely ruin you forevermore for Goode Co. Which nobody will be able to talk you out of since it seems to be something of a sentimental journey, but which, after you've tried ACTUAL "good" BBQ, you'll never want again.

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          1. re: Jaymes

            Thanks for jumping in again.
            I will be at Luling moments after arriving in San Antonio.
            Goode Co. is a sentimental journey, but then again that is what the trip is all about. It is not like I really want to spend the spring break in Houston. I would like to be almost anywhere else in the U.S. except perhaps for Detroit or Buffalo.

            1. re: brave man

              Thanks for insulting my city. For bbq I suggest Goode Co. It is mediocre at best.

              1. re: James Cristinian

                It is sort of the same stuff that I get about living in Miami, like needing a passport to visit, and having my summer weather compared unfavorably to yours.

          2. Do you consider Houston proper to be downtown, midtown, or montrose? I'm not sure what that means.

            As far as sights go, well this is a food forum, so if you want to know about other than food you need to look at a Visitor Bureau. This article has a bunch of links at the very bottom of the page so you can research some sights in Houston:


            Sorry that I can't help you at all about San Antonio. I am in Houston.

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            1. re: danhole

              I would probably consider all areas that you mentioned and also areas acrossthe Bayou. There used to be a place called the Boardwalk Beach Club that was a lot of fun but I don,t imagine that it exists anymore.
              I know it is a food site but I imagine that those who eat also sightsee some times.
              Thanks for your suggestions.

              1. re: brave man

                Boy, there are so many good places! Other than BBQ and Tex-Mex, what do you like? The new hot spot in Houston is along Washington Ave. in the Heights. If you go to and look under the Heights you will see some of them, or google "Washington Corridor."

                My point about this being a food forum is that the Chow people discourage us from discussing sights and topics other than food. As a matter of fact, they will come in and ask you to stop talking about those things. Not my rule - their rule.