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Apr 1, 2009 07:27 PM

fried catfish

Who has the best fried catfish in Austin?

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    1. It's definitely NOT going to be found at Catfish Parlour.

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      1. re: bloody hammer

        I decided to give Catfish Parlour another chance recently, and while the catfish was still pretty eh, those hush puppies are crack. I was pretty underwhelmed by Cherry Creek's catfish as well, so I'm still hunting.

      2. The best (other than home cooked) fried catfish I have ever eaten in my life was at "Fred's Fish House" in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas. We would gladly drive a few hours from Missouri to eat there. It was top notch.

        So far, the best fried catfish I've had in Austin has been at "The Boathouse" out on 620 & 2222. It's not the same level as Fred's but... it's more than just good.

        I've tried "Catfish Parlour" several times and it's ranged from decent to disgusting. I've written that place off as "not worth the calories".

        1. It amy be hard to believe, but the best I've found is at the Texas Roadhouse. Freshy made with a great mustard sauce on teh side and huge portions (enough for two)

          1. It may be inconsitent, but Pacific Star had some of the best fried catfish I've had in a long time on a couple of visits.