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Apr 1, 2009 06:54 PM

Cielo - St. Louis

I'm thinking of going to Cielo [at the Four Seasons] for an upcoming birthday [mine], and want to know if anyone has any recent feedback on it. I drink at the bar there often, especially in nice weather, but have never actually had a meal there. I'm familiar with the alternatives in that category, as I eat pretty often at Niche, American Place, Atlas, etc., so i don't really need alternative recommendations - unless there's something new on the scene that someone wants to tout. But, I'm really interested in the scoop on Cielo - it sounds very good on paper!
Bill [bobzemuda], can you help me out here?

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  1. Cielo has fabulous service and creatively delicious cuisine, but to be honest and if you are comparing to restaurants such as Niche and American Place they fall a bit short. The food is quite good and they employ a few unusual (for St. Louis) ingredients in their pasta such as oxtail ravioli and veal cheek. We dine very frequently at upscale restaurants and I found Cielo to be a little more pricey than most restaurants in the STL area. But if you add in the ambiance of the outdoor patio and the gorgeous view of the city, then it could be the perfect backdrop to a very memorable birthday dinner.

    1. Very nice restaurant. Althought the view is good, it is not good from every part of the dining room. Service was attentive and first courses were delicious. Did the oxtail rav as well and an Antipasto plate. Entrees, although read well, were extremely oversalted. Veal was almost inedible. Would go back but have a few other favorites downtown that we will return to first: Sleek, Franco, Sidney, Niche.