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Apr 1, 2009 06:52 PM

All-Star Subs, East Windsor

I tried this place over the weekend and thought it was pretty good. It's on Rt. 33, close to the Home Depot in East Windsor, heading towards Hightstown. The staff was very friendly and quick. I took my sandwich and macaroni salad home & enjoyed every bite. If you live in either town or are passing by, you should give them a shot. I'm not a big fan of these "chain" sub shops, except for Blimpie! I prefer a nice Italian deli to make me a good, affordable sandwich. Chain restaurants/food joints gotta go! Better to go to your local mom and pop store.

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  1. Thanks Jethro. I've passed that place a number of times but have yet to venture in. I usually head over to the East Windsor Deli but All Star is so much closer! I'm always happy to support my local mom and pop store.

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      East Windsor Deli is also very good, as is Tiger Deli (near Superfresh). Let me know your opinion of All-Star.