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Apr 1, 2009 06:26 PM

Amsterdam- seeking great food but. . .

We'll be in Amsterdam for a total of 8 nights and are looking for great food, but we're traveling with 2 kids (4 and 1, generally well behaved and pretty adventurous eaters). I would love to go to De Kas, but I'm wondering how tolerant they would be of the kids and how formal restaurants in Amsterdam tend to be. I'd appreciate any suggestions on any places we must try, we're open to anything that's good. I've been told I need to get moules frites (maybe that was for Belgium), herring, waffles, pancakes, croquettes and Indonesian.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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  1. For pancakes, try The Pancake Bakery a few doors down from the Anne Frank Museum on Prinsengracht -

    I had a very nice lunch there, and their hot chocolate with rum and whipped cream certainly took the chill off.

    And if you happen to be in the Spui district, the Café Luxembourg has quite good croquettes (I still recall the veal croquettes I had there) but it'll be hard to miss croquettes nearly anywhere in town.

    1. De Kas is great... but I would recommend going there for LUNCH... sitting outside is LOVELY (weather permitting)! most restaurants in Amsterdam are kid friendly... the dutch are very laid back and

      These are two of my new favorite spots...

      Hotel Goud Fizante (easiest to take a taxi, is located on the water in Amsterdam North Aamsterdam Noord) modern euro fusion cuisine and very kid friendly... even have a whole area for them to run around and play in the back!)

      and my other favorite is...

      De Noorder Licht... (more laid back, hippie, great staff, menu and views of the city! huge outdoor terrance, some nights they light a fire outside. you can take the ferry to the NDSM from the back of central station.

      also at the NDSM (old shipping yard that has been converted into the new center of the dutch TV and film and artists) is the Pancake Boot!

      go on a boot tour of the Ij River and eat pancakes! it's brilliant!

      Another kid friendly good eateries on town are...

      Pacific Parc in the Westerpark.

      BUT I would recommend checking out... located by central station.
      not sure if it's kid friendly... but it's a hot spot at the moment! the owners also own 2 other places in town, VYNE (wine bar) and ENVY (small course modern menu and delicious! very hard to get reservation and not very kid friendly since it is small and dark), both are located on the Prinsengracht.

      1. Let me know what area you're staying at, I could give you some tips for restaurants close to your place. The absolute favorite place for my kids is Nam Tin, a big dim sum place near Waterlooplein in the Jodenbreestraat. Here you can draw on the tablecloth, check out the lobsters and scary fish in their tanks, grose out your friends by actually eating jellyfish, enjoy yourself with all those little plates on the table and where they have these great blow dryers in the toilets that can make your hair all wild and stuff. In fact the only thing that can bring a smile to the face of the waitresses there, is actually bringing as much children as possible. really.