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Apr 1, 2009 05:49 PM

Babbo or USC or ??? for 10 year anniversary

Celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary in May. Both of us love Babbo and Union Square Cafe and would be happy to go back again. However, we are open to suggestions - we like American, Italian and French. Great food and great service is what is important, price is not really an issue. Thanks!

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    1. re: nmurawsk

      thank you, I just looked at the menu and it does sound really good. I'm a little more adventurous than my husband who is more of a "steak-place" guy and would go and has gone and enjoyed other places more because of the atmosphere. As long as nothing is too "out there" in terms of ingredients, he would give it a try. Thank you for the suggestion, it sounds like an option.

      1. re: LisaJB

        If you like the look of Blue Hill, try also Gramercy Tavern or Craft.

        1. re: LisaJB

          there's nothing "out there" about Blue Hill -- it's locally sourced American bistro food...i've only been to the NYC one, not stone barns...

          if you decide to have Italian, consider Scarpetta...

        2. re: nmurawsk

          I was very excited to go to bluehill. I left disappointed. The food was good, but nothing to write home about.

        3. If the Blue Hill in Manhattan is anywhere in the same galaxy as Blue Hill at Stone Barns, it will be a great meal. Stone Barns was one of my fave meals in NY. I also 2nd Gramercy Tavern. Gotham is wonderful, as well (and not too out there).

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          1. re: kim e

            i like this suggestion, too. if you have the time, nothing really beats the atmosphere and overall experience of going to blue hill at stone barns. the one in manhattan has excellent food, but the one at stone barns is really an experience. take a day trip to the area, hike in the nearby rockefeller state park, tour the farm, and then sit down for your dinner when you're good and hungry.

            i just took some steak and potatoes types not too long ago and they really enjoyed it. the food is accessible and simple in preparation. actually some of it was deceptively simple -- it takes care and technique to do them so well -- but picky eaters won't be put off.

            1. re: kim e

              I liked Stone Barns when we were there, but it really wasn't a memorable meal. The food was delicious, but I can still remember everything I had at my first meal at Babbo when they first opened. I'd go with Babbo!

            2. Thank you to everyone that has replied. I appreciate your comments and suggestions!

              1. I would also try Giorgio's of Gramercy.....I think this would be a nice place to celebrate an anniversary.

                Have fun!

                1. Out of the two choices you listed, Babbo. However, you may want to consider One if by Land, Two if by Sea... Very romantic and perfect for anniversaries.