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Apr 1, 2009 05:17 PM

Fried Dumpling on Allen Street - closed

I went by Fried Dumpling today and the place was closed, with an eviction order taped to the front gate, dated March 31. Does anyone know if they have moved to an new location? I know that there is oneon Mosco street, but the quality there is way inferior, and the place is super grungy (yes, more so than Allen Street).

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  1. dam fried dumpling at 99 allen? thats one of my spots

    1. Head to Prosperity on Eldridge Street then.

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      1. re: scoopG

        ScoopG is right. Prosperity is good. I also like Dumpling House up the street on eldridge. I know it's been taken over by Vanessa's which is becoming kind of like the Chipotle of $1 dumplings but it's really good. And, (Vanessa's) Dumpling House created a nice/clean seating area as well as a computer managed ordering system that makes the entire experience clean and stress free.

        1. re: CantStopEating

          yeah, i 3rd prosperity.
          damn that fried dumpling place use to be one of my spots after playing hb at grand st, owner was a cool dude and snuck me a free dumpling every once in awhile =D.

      2. This is serious and life altering for me. I had calculated that the walk there canceled out the calorie splurge (except when I threw in a detour to Donut Plant on Grand St.). Is the place on Mosco closed too?

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        1. re: addictedtolunch

          go to prosperity as scoopG said, its better than the place on Allen (although those people were very nice people), the place on mosco isn't very good

          1. re: Lau

            Wait is forever at Prosperity once you place your order. Those ladies behind the counter are in their own world.

            1. re: il Trifulau

              "Wait is forever at Prosperity once you place your order. Those ladies behind the counter are in their own world."

              Maybe you have this place confused with somewhere else. I've gone there about 15 times in the last 18 months and they are as efficient as they could be. The place is small and sometimes it gets crowded. When that happens you have to wait until they cook another batch of dumplings. That's far from being "in another world."

              Another worthy choice is the original Dumpling House on Eldridge. It expanded a few years ago and now have a full seating area. The prices are up slightly (4 for $1.00 vs. 5 for $1.00) but that's scarcely going to break the bank. It's still ridiculously cheap.

              Vanessa's Dumpling House
              118 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002

              1. re: il Trifulau

                Maybe you are confusing Prosperity (#46) for Vanessa's Dumplings (#118) further up the street on Eldridge? Prosperity is run by a man named Mr. Chen with a couple of female assistants and the counter is a rather small window. Vanessa's has dozens of women running around and yes, the wait there is interminable.

                1. re: scoopG

                  That must be it, then. My mistake.
                  Thanks, all.

                  1. re: scoopG

                    yeah i was giong to say the main person at prosperity is a guy

                    also, dumpling houses' dumpings have sort gone south, the last couple times i went there they were sub par although i like some of their items in the beijing section of their menu and the sandwiches are still good

                    1. re: Lau

                      Agree - but check out Prosperity's northern style sandwich too. Much better pickled vegies on top than Vanessa's IMO.

                2. re: Lau

                  i actually like the place on mosco for dumplings -- and dumplings only (tried a scallion pancake once, and it tasted like someone used a pita bread to clean out a skillet).

              2. They just reopen in Queens 2 weeks ago. I visited them few times already.

                Fried Dumpling Shan Dong
                40-04 Union St, Flushing NY 11354

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                1. re: wangspock

                  interesting...they better step up their game, the avg flushing guo tie place is alot better than them, but the guy running it is a super nice guy so i hope he does well

                  1. re: wangspock

                    That sounds like the old Yipin location. Disappointing that Yipin closed.