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tarte tatin

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I am planning to bake a tarte tatin for the first time. I was wondering if I make the tartin 2 days before my event will the crust on the tart be still good or is it better to make this dessert the day of?

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  1. I think you will lose something if you make it that far ahead. Just like if you made a tart or puff pastry dish too far ahead. The pastry may get soggy, especially if juices from the fruit run onto it.

    1. Two days before is too long - you will lose the buttery, crispiness- tho you might be able to freeze and reheat.

      Id be more inclined to do some of the prep (making the pastry, cooking the apples) ahead and assembling and finishing on the day.

      a great dish, good luck!

      1. Definitely something better made the day-of, and, in my opinion, best served still warm!
        Good luck!

        1. Add jfood to the same day camp.

          1. Prep ahead, certainly, but this needs to be served very fresh and warm.

            1. I would make the morning of. To keep the crust from getting soggy, I do the following. Once the tarte is done, I cover the cast iron pan with a large plate, grasp on to both the plate and pan with oven mitt covered hands, and invert. Then, line the cast iron pan with foil, and a piece of buttered parchment paper, place it back on to the tarte, and "reinvert". This way, the tarte is in the pan for you to reheat it, you know that it is "done", the apples won't stick to the bottom of the pan, and the crust won't get soggy.

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                  Thanks - I've actually posted it many times (grin)!