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Apr 1, 2009 05:00 PM

The Best burger I've ever had- North Adams, MA

I was introduced to Jack's Hot Dog Stand last weekend. The hot dogs are OK, nothing too amazing. They're interesting only b/c they show the influence of the Albany-style hot dog.

But the hamburger, oh, the hamburger. It's a slider-style burger, and its brilliant. The buns are kept in a steamer and are perfectly soft and fluffy. The burgers are hand formed to a thin disc about a tennis-ball in diameter and cooked on a griddle that's thick with beef fat so they practically fry, developing a crispy char but not becoming mealy. The combination of bun and burger is beyond words. There are no frills here- it's basically the platonic ideal of the slider, with the soft bun contrasting against the meaty, crispy patty. And a double-slider is $1.05, which is just preposterously cheap.

Loads of historical character and a great owner. What a fantastic place. I wish I could get a burger this good in New York City.

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