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Apr 1, 2009 04:38 PM

Where to find GYRO meat at grocery store or market??!!

I have tried Wegman's and various suburban butchers. NO LUCK!!
Where can I buy Gyro meat Fresh/Frozen - Do not Care!! I would love to make them at home, we'd eat them 1-3X per week if we could. Prefer the burb's but willing to go into the city - at this point I've probably driven there and back trying to find it already. I live in West Chester. Closest and Best - Also ?? $price per pound too if you know off hand.
Thanks anyone who can help

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  1. If no one comes up with a place, the other night Alton Brown had a recipe on Food Network that looked good. You can either make it on a rotisserie or in a loaf pan.


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      Humm. Was it a lamb/beef kinda meatloaf thing that was sliced of the rotisserie? I think I caught a re-play after hours ( of someone on food network) when I couldn't sleep. Mighta been what inspired me. Had 3 in the past 1 1/2 weeks and realize I can rock a greek salad but that meat is my stumbling block!! Thanks for the info - much appreciated. If I make that recipe I'll let ya know if as good as good greek.

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        It was last night 11pm out time PST. probably a repeat. But it was lamb.
        Let me know, I think its worth a shot.
        But seemed kind of cumbersome making a "log" and mounting it onto a rotisserie--my luck it would fall apart and be a mess.

    2. I'm pretty sure its at the Greek stand at the Lancaster Farmers Market in Wayne. Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 6 am to 4 pm. Not sure about the price because i've never purchased it, but in general, their stuff is a little expensive but always good...

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        I checked. They have gyro meat and its $10/lb.

      2. There is a stand at the Allentown Farmers Market called Foods of the Mediterranean and they sell the meat and the tzatziki sauce, as well as the best humus I have ever had. If they sell it I would check with your favorite gyro place and see if they will sell you some.

        I also remember seeing Gyro meat at Sam's Club although I can't attest to how good it is.

        1. Stop in at Colonial Meat market. In the Parkway shopping center. I'm sure they don't keep it in stock, but they might be able to order it for you.

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            They probably could but it's be a minimum order of 10lbs. (@$11 per pound, can't afford it or have room to store). Thanks though, I'd thought of that myself