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Apr 1, 2009 04:29 PM

amish kitchen of the 1980s.. [Moved from Site Talk]

I remember a show on PBS when I was a child. She was always doing "amish" foods and showing quilts, table settings and lifestyles of the amish. I can not remember her name, but I had heard she had to wear a wig for cancer, a long time ago on the show.

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  1. Perhaps this thread should be moved to the Media and News board, but I recall this show as well. A quick search only came up with the Marcia Adams "Amish Cooking from Quilt Country" which aired in the late 1980's, but it sure looks like what I remember. At the time, I did not pay much attention to cooking shows save for Julia Child and the also great long-running PBS/WGBH "Great Chefs" series.

    1. yes, i'd second marcia adams as the food and quilt lady. she'd always wear cotton gloves to handle the quilts.....

      she apparently suffered from conjunctive heart failure, and had a transplant, which is part of this documentary:

      this is an interesting article on marcia from her local fort wayne indiana paper, which article states: "Her favorite authors include Edith Wharton, Henry James, P.D. James and Sylvia Plath." who would have guessed that?

      the article also says this: "Her final recommendation [for books] is “Eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances from a Palace Kitchen” by Darren McGrady. He worked for Queen Elizabeth for 11 years and then became the private chef to Princess Diana after she and Prince Charles separated.

      Adams – definitely a cookbook expert – said, “It’s a very good one. And by good I mean it’s one where you can easily duplicate the recipes right here in Fort Wayne. I’m appalled at the number of cookbooks that are published by major publishers and the recipes are not properly tested.”