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Apr 1, 2009 04:14 PM

Sea Harbor and Beijing Noodle #9 at Ceasar's Palace, Las Vegas

Has anyone tried these chinese restaurants at Ceasar's Palace? Were they any good?

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  1. My wife and I went to Beijing Noodle #9 last month and had an absolutely terrible experience. The food and service left much to be desired. We ordered two items - beef noodle soup and a beef "pancake". The server came back after ten minutes to tell us the pancake was not available (it took ten minutes!!!). We ordered boiled dumplings as a replacement. The beef noodle soup was mediocre. The dumplings came out cold. We waited quite some time before our server returned to check on us at which time we told her about the dumplings. She took them back to the kitchen and we waited another ten minutes or so before a new batch arrived. These were also cold. We ended up leaving after that.

    Noodle (Venetian) or Noodles (Bellagio) are much better on-the-strip choices.

    1. didn't even know Sea Harbour was at Caesar's - curious if they have dim sum ( one of my fav dim sum places in so cal )

      as to Beijing Noodle - i don't get it. the local food critics rave about the place - i was not impressed, my girl ( who is chinese ) was disappointed and the prices are about 30-40% higher than Spring Mountain noodle shops ( i'll take china mama over #9 .) The one dish we really liked - the veggies. not exactly the primary reason to go there. also, the all white design bothered my eyes ...really !

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        kjs - completely agree about the pricing (way overpriced) and interior (so annoying)!

      2. I went to Beijing Noodle #9 yesterday. I love handmade noodles, having had them many times in Vancouver. They do have an authentic noodle-maker there, and the noodles are very good, albeit overpriced, but the restaurant doesn't focus on noodles despite its name. In fact, there are only about 6 or 7 noodles dishes on the menu. The rest of the items are the usual asian fare. However, if you crave the handmade noodle experience like I do, then this is about it for Vegas. If they were smart, they'd focus exclusively on handmade noodles, since there doesn't seem to be anywhere else in Vegas that offers this, and let customers add any meat and/or vegetable and/or sauce to suit their tastes.

        1. I asked the same question on this board about Sea Harbour three months ago and received no response then. I'm surprised there's still no first hand experience. Given their reputation I would have thought people would be flocking there, at least out of curiosity. On the other hand, Royal Star at the Venetian didn't work out a few years ago, so maybe the price point might be a deterrent.

          1. I brought a group to Beijing Noodle #9 when they first opened in January. We all found it expensive, not very good and some dishes not very authentic in cooking style. The environment is noisy with poor acoustics from all the hard surfaces. I would not recommend it our return.

            Afterwards, we walked over to Sea Harbor. Slightly higher prices, but more of a dinner menu. Great dining room. The open area dining has high airy ceilings with a dark nightsky feel. The menu looked OK with the normal Cantonese Seafood dishes. There are one or two private dining rooms for Chinese Banquets. We didn't eat there, but I will schedule a meal there when we go next to Las Vegas. I would expect that the quality would be pretty good. Hard to find though, with an elevator entrance.