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Apr 1, 2009 03:43 PM

ISO Latino Cookie or Dessert

I have volunteered to bake something for my son's school's Latino Day and I have no idea about what to make. All I can come up with is Mexican Wedding Cookies. I'd appreciate any ideas for things that could be made individually and sold at a bake sale for 12-14 year-olds, many of whom do not have a particularly adventurous or developed palate. Thanks for your help!

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  1. How about something with dulce de leche? Found this recipe for cupcakes which looks pretty good. Lots out there if you Google dulce de leche.

    1. Alfajores (basically shortbread cookies sandwiched with dulche de leche), Tres Leches Cake (can be made in individual disposable cups).

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        mmm alfajores are the best. one of my best friends growing up was peruvian, and her mom made alfajores from scratch... they were a hot ticket expensive trade at lunch time.

        of course, there's tres leches cake too.

        Bunuelos served with vanilla ice cream

        Polvorones de Canele

        Other ideas include
        Mexican Wedding Cookies

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          I love the idea of the Alfajores, since the host of the event is Argentinian. There seem to be a lot of recipes out there, so I am wondering if anyone has a favorite (the link for savour-fare didn't have a recipe that I could find).

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            I have made a quick version of alfajores several times for school functions, and they're always a hit. I use a couple of packs of Goya Maria cookies. They're round, flat, and not too sweet, so they make a pretty good substitute for the homemade ones. Then I use a can of dulce de leche. Sandwich a smear of the dulce de leche between two cookies. I usually put the Maria logo to the inside so they look a little more homemade. Then spackle a little more dulce de leche around the edge of the cookie to make the edge smooth. Then roll the edge in grated coconut that has been run though the food processor to be a bit finer (you don't want big hunks of grated coconut hanging off the edges). You can put them individually in cupcake papers or just put them decoratively on a tray. Quick, cheap, and delicious.

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              Definitely Alfajores! I've never actually made them, but I bookmarked these two recipes.

     - From A Baker’s Tour: Nick Malgieri’s Favorite Baking Recipes from Around the World

     - From Cooking Light (featuring a lower-fat cookie):


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                These are like the ones my Peruvian friend's mom made:

                These are also a good recipe, but the cookie isn't quite as shortbready in texture.

            2. Bizcochitos...very fattening, very good!

              1. brazo gitano. Basically a jelly roll cake. Couldn't be easier. You can fill it with a gream cheese and guava jelly or anything you like and have around. I haven't tried this recipe but it is pretty standard.