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Apr 1, 2009 03:12 PM

Adriana's restaurant in new haven reopening

Thought this may interest somebody out there.

I've been to Geppi's down that way but never this joint.

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  1. How totally cool. I just came on Chowhound to see if anyone had done a recent review as I haven't been to Adriana's in years. I was unaware of the fire or the fact that they had been closed. It's one of those places you sort of forget about, not because it's bad, just because. The website even seems refreshed. This was always THE best place for veal, and the prices were incredible. I wonder if they will up the pricing since everything is so new. Hopefully, the old staff didn't all get new jobs during the renovation.

    Check out the updated site:

    Do let us know if anyone goes!

    THe place does look beautiful. Any place that takes photos of the inside of the kitchen is brave in my book.

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    1. re: cheereeo

      Yes, it is brave to take photos of your kitchen, especially when you show that you use the best "pomace" olive oil. I guess that's how they keep their incredible prices down!

    2. Does anyone consider Adriana's equal to Tre Scalini or L'Orcio?
      I was going to dine there one evening, before the fire, but was ignored so I walked out.

      Does it really mean anything to be on Zagat's "America's Top 1,000" best Italian restaurants?
      Others don't seem to promote (or have cared about ), being on this list.

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      1. re: Scargod

        If they do consider Adriana's equal to Tre Scalini or L'Orico, their comments are not to be trusted.
        Adriana's had decent food, but lousy service. Gave them a couple of tries over the years, but never felt it worth going back. In fact we have two $100 gift certificates received as holiday gifts sitting in the back of a drawer that we never used.

        1. re: bagelman01

          I would have to agree with Bagelman. I understand that they did a very nice renovation, but the couple of people I know who have eaten there since the reopening has been less than thrilled with both the service and the food.