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Apr 1, 2009 03:02 PM

Bar Oysters in NOLA

I'm looking for a good bar/cafe to eat oysters (cooked, as I shouldn't do raw seafood), preferably in the Quarter. Marigny, or Garden District. I am new to oyster eating, and will be traveling with 2 friends who do not eat oysters. I would like a place where we can all go and have a drink or two while i sample some oysters. Any suggestions> I will be in town April 4-8. Thanks!

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  1. Dragos(at the Hilton Riverside) has a WONDERFUL charbroiled oyster dish that I can heartily recommend to you as an oyster "newbie". Another great spot is Casamentos on Magazine Street. They have oysters cooked in many ways including an oyster loaf that melts in your mouth. Acme Oyster and Felix's are okay, but tend to focus more on raw oysters. Good luck!

    1. On a quick note, Casamentos, while excellent, serves only beer as far as I know. Most restaurants have some sort of oyster dish, but Dragos does have several and a large bar, as it is in one of the large convention hotels. (Their original location is in Metaire) In the Quarter, you have Acme, Felix, and Desire Oyster Bars

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      1. Char grilled oysters are a great way to eat oysters, especially because they are so delicious. You can find them at Drago's, (already mentioned) as well as Acme Oyster House on Iberville, and GW Fins on Bienville, and also at Bourbon Seafood at Iberville & Bourbon. There are also some exceptional oyster soups/bisques are as well.

        1. I really like Grand Isle. They have an extensive non-oyster menu for your friends and excellent oysters in an upscale bar environment for you.

          1. Cooter Browns has the best raw oysters in the city

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              I have to recommend Pascale Manales also fantastic oyster bar old old school very new orleans