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Apr 1, 2009 02:03 PM

Cupcake bakery trend being replaced by french cookie bakeries?

Within the last 6 months I heard a story on either PRI or NPR about how in Los Angeles the cupcake bakery trend is on its way out and is (in their opinion) being replaced by french bakeries specializing in a specific cookie. From what I remember, the reporter said a few such bakeries have already popped up in L.A.

I can't for the life of me remember what kind of cookie it is... any ideas?

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  1. The only specific cookie to have a specific bakery dedicated to it is the macaron, and the only bakery is Paulette's. Don't know what else it could be...

    Paulette Macarons
    9466 Charleville Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

    1. Most likely the macaron rage is finally reaching Los Angeles. There are a couple bakeries in LA that are supposedly doing good ones. Jin Patisserie, and Boule, I believe. I am in teh process of perfecting them at home...which is a little more fun when there are bubbles involved.

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        From what I've read on related posts on macarons, it seems major French cities are festooned with shops selling macarons like LA is with burger joints. I've never been but in my limited exposure to macarons, I've found Jin's to be really good - edible little jewels.

      2. Yep, that rings a bell (especially Macaron Paulette)!

        Thanks for the help - it was driving me crazy!

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        1. a little off the subject, but we were at Laduree in Harrods last month and the girl at the counter said they may be opening a Laduree in NY. maybe they'll work their way west after that. ..if only we'd be THAT lucky.

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            i went to harrods specifically for the macaroons at Laduree! i've yet to have one in LA that stand up to the ones at Laduree or in Paris. Hopefully the Laduree in NY will ship orders to LA!

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              I think Paulettes are actually better than L'aduree's. But tastes are totally subjective. I gotta say, I did love the whole L'aduree experience.

          2. I had the pleasure of meeting the pastrey chef from the french place on Larchmont (although the name of the place escapes me), and sampling some of his product. Light, airy macarons that tasted so good. I could've eaten a thousand.