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Apr 1, 2009 01:20 PM

Henne Restaurant in Berlin//Recipe

Last year, we had some excellent chicken at the "Henne" restaurant in Berlin. Apparently, the recipe is secret, but does anyone know--or can anyone who's been there venture a guess--what it might be? Was it spit-roasted or friend? And what were those amazing spices?

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  1. Well, the 'spices' are secret, but i am guessing it's nothing more than s&p. The reason the chicken is so delish is because it is FRIED.

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      Most likely it was the chicken itself. Stand alone delicious chicken is avaiable in Europe and sadly not in the US. After living in Europe for four years I concluded much of the fine dining is in fact starting with very flavorful ingredients in the first place and often doing only simple things to these premium ingredients.

      When you start with cardboard tasting ingredients like most US produced food (even this current over-priced "organic" stuff), you end up with a mediocre product. European cuisine is loosing its edge as it imports more hot house, mass produced food products too.

      Support the "Small Foods" movement and hope you won't be the last generation to have really tasted real food.