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Apr 1, 2009 01:05 PM

GTown/Caledon/Brampton restaurant for shower?


My future sister in-law will have her shower in her home town far from Toronto, and I will not be able to attend, along with our mother in law and a few of her local friends.

Any recommendations for good lunch spots in GTown (where she now lives), Caledon or Brampton for a small group, casual but not a cookie-cutter chain?

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  1. I grew up in Georgetown but am not that familiar with the newer developments over the past 2 years.

    Canneberges is lovely (it may have changed names, but it is on Main Street in an Inn like house...actually in might be called The Main Street Inn now, or something like that). They are especially good for ladies lunches, and you could probably call in advanced to arrange an afternoon tea or something.

    One of my favourite spots in the area is The Terra Cotta Inn. Beautiful surroundings and great food. A bit higher end upstairs but they also have a pub in the lower level that is more casual/fun. Both have great food!

    Have fun, wherever you choose!

    The Dishwasher

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      If you go to The Terra Cotta Inn, be careful and get a detailed priced and signed contract. We went there last fall as part of a dining out group and the promised menu only partially materialized with several cheap substitutions. Worst of all, the food served was just the typical mediocre ersatz-Italian. The misspellings on the menu should have been enough of a warning to the group's planner.

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