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Apr 1, 2009 12:34 PM

NYers visiting Philly for the weekend!

We are planning to spend the weekend in Philly next week. Arriving at the 30th street station on Saturday morning from NYC and leaving Sunday evening. Staying at the Four Points on Race and 12th. So far, the food itinerary is as follows:

Lunch - Reading Terminal on Saturday for DiNic's roast pork sandwich, Dutch Eating Place pancakes, and Miller/Fisher's soft pretzels.

Dinner - Vietnam in Chinatown or go down to South Philly for Geno's and Pat's cheesesteaks (yes, I know it's touristy)? Any other unique Philly restaurants (preferably total of $10-15 for entrees)?

Lunch on Sunday - dim sum in Chinatown or just do the Geno's/Pat's thing then?

Dinner (more likely takeout for the bus) - hoagie (is there a good one near the 30th street station?)

For snacks, we'd probably try Naked Chocolate Cafe or Bonte Wafflerie.

Is there any other must-eat Philly place I'm missing (preferably something we don't have in NY)? I've tried Lacroix and La Colombe during a previous visit.

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  1. Your lunch choices on Saturday are oddly what I eat on an almost weekly basis so you're good there.

    I'd skip Pat's/Geno's unless you're looking for more of an "experience" than good food. Tria may fit your bill for dinner but everything they serve is kind of light (which given your lunch may be a good thing...)

    I'm not a big dim sum fan so I will pass on that one.

    I do think that Naked Chocolate is a good choice but I'd axe Bonte for gelato at Capogiro any day. That would qualify in my book for a must-have!

    1. Pretty good choices overall. For your Saturday dinner, I'd either go for Rangoon in Chinatown (I'm not aware of a good Burmese restaurant in NYC) or check out one of Philly's taquerias, as I think Philly does Mexican much better than NY. For Mexican, check out La Lupe or Los Taquitos de Puebla in South Philly, or head to Cantina Dos Segundos in Northern Liberties.

      1. Vietnam would be a lovely choice for Saturday night dinner. Rangoon or Banana Leaf would be great Chinatown options, too. If you are heading toward South Philly, stop at Sarcone's for a hoagie, instead of going to Pat's or Geno's.

        1. For Sat night, Vietnam is good and right on your doorstep. I also like Sang Kee Peking Duck in Chinatown.

          Not sure what your other plans are but maybe in Sunday you'll want to take a walk and see a different part of the city. If the weather is nice take a walk up to Rittenhouse Square and have lunch at Parc, a French style brasserie, or at Tria on 18th and Sansom. There is also a Capogiro nearby there on 20th street as well as a new branch of Naked Chocolate on 18th near Ludlow. I would not go to Pats/Genos.

          1. Gotta do the Reading Terminal - great start.
            I would avoid Pat's/Genos - you are getting DiNics and we have so much more to offer!
            On Sat night I would either do the mexican places around 9th and washington (right up the street from Pat's and Geno's so you could have your picture taken there for posterity!) OR head into Northern Liberties for some of our gastropub fare. Standard Tap is the longest running of the batch but there are lots to choose from (search for gastropubs on this board - they aren't limited to No Libs. We do them quite well here!
            On Sunday I'd probably go to Vietnam or Rangoon for lunch - I know Vietnam opens at 11.
            I don't know of Hoagies near 30 th st so I can't help there. Salumeria is open in the terminal on Sun though so you could get one to go from there before you leave or from DiBrunos on Chestnut St (18th) or in the Comcast Building (20th). One of the best hoagies in town is from Sarcones at 9th and Fitzwater (just above the Italian Market), but that's out of your way for Sunday.