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Apr 1, 2009 12:24 PM

The Waffle. Does it completely suck?

Has The Waffle worked out the kinks? Early reviews seemed "meh" at best. Is it a good place for brunch? Is there a wait? Is it as infuriating as The Griddle with long wait AND attitude? How's the food?

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  1. It's okay. Had the Cobb salad. Good, not mind-blowing (but then, it's a salad.) Went at around 1pm on a Sunday, no wait (testament to economic crises), SO had some pancakes, they were good. It is what it is-overpriced diner-ish food. Although I did notice that they had MANY veggie and i think vegan options, which is pretty cool.

    1. I have been to The Waffle a number of times, and I think their Buffalo Chicken sandwich is incredible. Definitely worth a look. Plus, the addition of a heaping portion of waffle fries makes this dish a great value at $12.

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      1. re: newtoLA06

        Can you please describe the Buffalo Chicken sandwich? Was it mild? Spicy? Wet? Or dry? Vinegar-y?

        1. re: schrutefarms

          Sure. The Buffalo Chicken sandwich at The Waffle is pretty spicy (like RedHot hot sauce spicy) and wet. The grilled chicken breast is moist and juicy. In addition, the sandwich is topped with blue cheese crumbles, smoked applewood bacon, lettuce and tomato. Lastly, the bun is relatively soft and is ample enough to support the sandwich. All around, this is a stellar offering, as evidenced by the fact that I order it EVERY time that I go to the Waffle (although I've tried some of their other dishes, like the Bacon Waffle, which is also delicious.)

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            Hmm. I might have to give it a go-it sounds really good.

      2. It is fine but not a fantastic value.
        When I ate there the scramble was fine but the folks who ordered waffles seemed upset at the portion, which was one normal sized waffle. It wasn't bad but service was iffy - I won't be racing back to eat at The Waffle.

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        1. re: bodie

          I finally went. The good news, not a hectic scene for Sunday brunch whatsoever, I reckon it's more of a post-nightclub scene. Everything was fine. Got the special with 2 eggs, side meat and waffle, went for the blueberry lemon curd. it was a two leggo-my-eggo sized waffle, two squares as a triangle, smaller than the back of two ladies fists put together. Like I say, it was all fine, but the level I'd expect from Scooter Kanfer (sp?) after all the miracles she performed at The House back in the day? Not so much. It's Ihop for hipsters (Note 50% hipster surcharge from normal Ihop prices.)

          1. re: PinotPlease

            I went again recently, third time since the opening, and had the waffle combo with two eggs, bacon & fruit. I'm definitely not a hipster and do not mind paying a 'surcharge' for a late Friday nite/early Sat morning breakfasty bite of tasty food, good service and no crowd. And, imo, The Waffle should be crowded, especially given the late-nite-breakfasty options in the area.

        2. it's ok. been there twice and we pent neaarly $50 bucks for breakfast both times. their hash browns are $10. good , but not worth the price. their waffles aren't even that large.

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