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Apr 1, 2009 12:20 PM

Best Cocktails, Not for the College Crowd?

I'm looking recommendations for a bar/lounge/restaurant (preferably French Quarter or CBD, but open to Garden Dist/Uptown as well) for really great, well crafted cocktails. Ideally this would be a place to peacefully enjoy said cocktail and soak up the atmosphere, not to slam it with a bunch of college kids drunk on cheap booze. I don't mind watching them from afar -- people watching is always fun, and a lively atmosphere is certainly not a bad thing, but you know what I mean. Quality over quantity. Any ideas? Thanks 'hounders!

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  1. Yep. That's easy: Cure on the corner of Freret and Upperline.

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    1. re: Frolic

      Wow, that place does sound good.

      1. re: _emilie_

        Here is a link for Cure:

        4905 Freret St, New Orleans, LA 70115

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          I wanna go! I just found their link the other night through the Blackened Out blog.

          I find the atmosphere at the Delachaise to be pretty good people watching. However, they allow smoking which most of these other recommendations do not. And their cocktails are hit or miss.

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            The Howitzer and Hemingway Daiquiri are both amazing. Not to mention the stylish design and dramatic yet intimate lighting.

      2. Marigny Brasserie on Frenchmen. Try the cucumber cosmopolitan. Get me the recipe. :)

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          I don't frequent this place, but the few times I've been the drinks have been great. Not a lot of cocktail knowledge from the staff, but if you stick to the house drinks you could be fine.

        2. Just a few...Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone, Tujauges in French Quarter, Columns Hotel on St. Charles, Feelings Cafe,

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            Carousel Bar is a good pick for classics. Particularly in the afternoon, when Marvin is there.

            French 75 in the French Quarter is also good. Ask for Chris Hannah. Bar Tonique on Rampart Street also does good cocktails.

            Tujagues can be hit and miss, but the classic atmosphere is great.

            Although I love the Columns, and recommend that anyone go there, I don't find they show much care in their cocktails.

            Swizzle Stick on the edge of the CBD is a solid place. Bar UnCommon in the Hotel Pere Marquette is the home to Chris McMillian, who is one of the best bartenders around. Bar UnCommon is less good for people watching, because it's a little buried inside the hotel.

              1. re: Frolic

                I would recommend the Columns for ambience only. The service is atrocious.

                I like the Swizzle Stick, Marigny Brasserie, Carousel Bar @ the Monteleone for downtown.

                For GD/Uptown, I like the Delachaise.

                1. re: cor

                  I've had warm service by the cocktail servers at Columns.

                  Delachaise at the bar is another great spot. I've received great hospitality even during the crush of Mardi Gras crowds.

                  You can't beat their Sazerac and a cheese board.

            1. I almost forgot-You may want to try some of the bars on Frenchmen Street. Lots of ecclectic places with good cocktails and great jazz music. Also the Swizzle Stick Bar in Loews Hotel has wonderfully crafted cocktails. Ruth's Chris bar in the lobby at Harrahs Hotel is an elegant bar with signature cocktails in an upscale enviroment. There is also an option there for patio dining along Fulton Street. I also like the atmosphere of Muriels In Jackson Square. It is slightly gothic with a supposed ghost. There are many rooms and nooks and crannys in the restaurant. To me, the best cocktails are served at Commanders Palace. They have 25 cent martinis during lunchtime.

              1. Thank you so much guys, this is great. I hope to try as many as I can!