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Apr 1, 2009 11:13 AM

Moshe's Falafel Truck - 57th & B'way

Moshe's Falafel Truck has a new location. Broadway and around 57th St. Today the truck was between 56th and 57th st, but will move up and down (around 57th st) depending on where he can find parking.

Today they were giving out FREE samples (of the falafel balls).

This was the truck that was down by union square - 17th st. Not enough busness there.

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  1. So you're saying the truck that had been parking at 17th and 5th is now parking by 57th Street? That is sad news for those of us who work downtown.

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    1. re: downtownNYCjew

      That's what one of the guys in the truck told me...

      1. re: downtownNYCjew

        And great news for those who work around Columbus Circle.

        The truck is there today, and the Falafel is really good.

        1. re: CWY

          Anyone know where the cart has gone? Couldn't find it today.

      2. Thanks for the info. My son and I, in the pouring rain, found the truck on Monday at 56th and Broadway. They were still passing out "free ball". The falafal sandwiches rate very high on our list of bests!

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        1. re: bubbyrebecka

          does anyone know what happened to the cart at 46th and 6th? i went there today and it wasn't there.

          1. re: pickles826

            It was Passover so the truck wasn't there during the holiday.

            1. re: pickles826

              Anyone keeping kosher wasn't buying anything today.

          2. They were around 27th and Lexington yesterday, good deal!

            1. Is there a schdule? My husband went to 57th & Broadway today and they weren't there...he was very disappointed...

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              1. re: Cakegirl

                next time some one sees him can you ask him for his cel phone number so I can find him? He is a great guy and his food in excellent but you would think he would do much better if his custumers could find him.

              2. The truck was parked on 33rd st between 7th and 8th ave yesterday. They said they will be there everyday.

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                1. re: mggn

                  I tried it yesterday. Meh. It was filling, and reasonably fresh... and that's about it.