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New South 1st Trailer - Cake balls?

I've only had these at parties and such where people brought them (and they're always tasty...) Saw this in the statesman today about a place called Holy Cacao opening up?


Anyone tried these? They look delicious...worth a trip down there? Just wondered!

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  1. i have not yet been, but maybe cake balls are the new cupcakes-- 2 of my co-workers have made them and brought them in (sans popsicle sticks).

    1. The Holy Cacao cake balls are dense, golf ball sized treats, not, as the Statesman photo seems to suggest, baseball sized.

      1. They do look delicious, but I'm wondering if the typo "CACAco" in the photo caption is a subliminal message.

        1. I am probably going to try it sometime soon, they could either be delicious or disgusting, who knows? I'm glad to hear that they are bite size, then I can try more than one kind!

          1. Had two cakeballs there yesterday one pb (brass) the other dark chocolate (someone's favorite). The later was much better, but both were good. $1.50/each was a bit on the high side, I thought, but reasonable. Slightly smaller than golf ball sized. Also ate at Shuggie's next store, which was forgettable.

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              The best is the mint chocolate. Also, the red velvet cake shake is addictive. Go early because they were sold out on some stuff when we went the first time. These are great to order for parties. I took some to a baby shower and they were a hit.

            2. The cake balls sounded gimmicky to me, but I have tried the red velvet, the grasshopper, and the brass and I must admit they are pretty tasty. Denser than cake, and moist like a brownie. Rich enough that the small size is not a problem at all, in my opinion, especially for $1.50 (what with modestly-sized cupcakes going for $2.50 to 3.00 these days). I still prefer my cake to be in the more traditional form of a slice or a cupcake, with the icing on top instead of mixed in, but the chilled ball on a stick thing is kind of fun and cute. I imagine most kids would love it.

              Have also had a cake shake there, and while I wasn't sure about cake blended into a milkshake, that was also pretty good (and rich!). Like a cake Blizzard or McFlurry.

              But the frozen hot chocolate is definitely my favorite there so far (I haven't had the hot drinking chocolate yet, since it's been warm out whenever I've visited the trailer). It's the drinking chocolate blended with chocolate ice cream and ice. It has a very nice, intense chocolate flavor, and I can't stop drinking it once I start, even though I'm sure there must be a couple thousand calories in one serving. Have had both the dark chocolate and the Mexican and loved them. Boyfriend prefers the Mexican.

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                There wasn't much to like about this cupcake on a stick thing. The frosting gets coated over with chocolate and the result is not as good as chocolate on its own, or icing on its own. The actual size of the cake is tiny - 2 bites. You'd have to pay 3 or 4 x 1.50 to get a cake comparable to a decent size cupcake.

                And if you're comparing their shake to a McFlurry, well that says an awful lot right there, none of it good.

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                  The cake ball's frosting is blended with the cake, which is what gives the whole thing a dense, fudgy consistency, so there's not a layer of frosting coated with a layer of chocolate.

                  By the Blizzard/McFlurry comparison, I mean that the cake doesn't completely disappear into the shake, and not that of the quality of the ingredients used is similar to those at DQ or McDonald's. The ice cream was pretty good, and they say they make their cake from scratch every day.

                  But still, the drinking chocolates there are best.

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                  I'd agree that the frozen mexican hot chocolate is the thing to get there. That can be a meal in and of itself... I'd hate to know how many calories are involved.

                  The cake balls taste almost like little pieces of fudge on a stick. Their ok, but I wouldn't get a craving for them.

                3. Stopped by this trailer, Holy Cacao, on a whim after dinner at Polvo's Friday night. As a lover of white cake, i ordered the wedding cake ball, and also got the Mexican Frozen Hot Chocolate. I concur with others who said the Frozen Hot Cocoa is tasty (as annoying as the name may be...). It wasn't predominately cinnamon-ny as I expected; it was very rich and chocolatey with a touch of what I believe was ancho chile powder (very subtle chile flavour). The whipped cream on top is house made. Served with one of those giant Bubble Tea straws. The whole thing gave me a tummy ache, but in that good way when you can't stop eating sweets.

                  The cake ball, on the other hand, I found to be kind of revolting. It looked like someone had taken a wad of undercooked white cake, and rolled it into a ball with her fist until a globby gluteny mess, stuck a popsicle stick in it, and dipped in a waxy white chocolate. Bleh. I took two tiny bites to make sure I didn't like it. It was a definite no.

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                    Couldn't agree more on the undercooked glob of mess, I'll stick to cupcakes at Sugar Mamas...

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                      For what it's worth, went there with a group of 7 people about a month or so ago and tried every cake ball flavor (among other things) between all of us. The wedding cake one was unanimously the least favorite -- some of us just felt "eh" about it, others *hated* it -- but we quite enjoyed all the others. The wedding cake just plain didn't stand up to the others. To me, Brass and Holly's Favorite were standouts.

                      As far as the frozen hot chocolate, tried the Mexican version and thought it was divine. I've had the "original" frozen hot chocolate a few times at Serendipity when in NYC before and, quite frankly, enjoyed this one more. Extra pluses are: now I can get my fix right here in Austin for about half the price, in a totally low-key setting without the hour+ long waits you have to deal with at the aforementioned spot.

                    2. The red velvet is to die for. Other flavors I liked as well. I'm not often a cake fan since I find most cake too dry and most icing too sticky-sweet, so their cake balls were a perfect balance, since they mix some icing in with the baked cake to make these. They are also just cute, so maybe a good idea for party or a novelty thing.

                      They also have something called s'mores on a stick, not as rich as the cake balls, for those those who want something lighter (ha).

                      1. They had these at a party last night and I was so excited to try them. I was pleasantly surprised, they were better than I expected. But anybody could get sick pretty quickly if they went to town on cakeballs.

                        1. My wife and I saw the write up about Holy Cacao in the Chronicle a couple weeks ago and tried them later that same day.
                          The free sample of Mexican Frozen they gave us was rich and delicious, but the cake balls were nothing worth going out of one's way for.
                          And for $1.50 for a bite or two of cake, well, it's just not really worth it.
                          I really, really wanted them to be good because it's a novel idea (to me, anyways) and I want to back people who pioneer new local businesses, but the cakeball thing just falls flat.