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Apr 1, 2009 10:16 AM

Washington D.C. - Private Dining for Two?

I am looking for restaurants in D.C. that have private dining rooms/areas for two. Basically, I am looking for a very romantic restaurant, not too stuffy, great and inventive food, good wine list, good service - but the key is this private dining for two. Any suggestions?

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  1. Ask for the Chef's Table at Teatro Goldoni. Although the table seats up to six, they will accept reservation for just 2. You'll be in the kitchen within plain view of the kitcken staff but it's private in terms of conversation (unless you choose to scream at your mate).

    1. Are you willing to drop a couple grand or no? That will be the deciding factor, if you want a private room you will have to be able to pay a minimum.

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        Maybe not a couple of grand, but $500 or so. I recently had a similar experience at Aria restaurant in Atlanta, and there was no fee to reserve a private table for two in the wine cellar, so I figure surely I can find something similar in D.C.?

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          Becca, I have been to Aria in Atlanta. I loved it. I was there for my birthday back in January. How about Oya? I heard Urbana has a Chef's table. In the Hotel Palomar. How about Dino?

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            The problem in DC is most places don't have that small of private rooms. Poste has a relatively small private room you could check on, on a weeknight they might not charge a very high minimum if one at all. Marcel's has a small private space, as well. Most places even on weeknights normally have a minimum, of course maybe with the recession their are fewer private functions going on. You might also call Tabard Inn. Some places have Chef's tables, you could see if you could have the whole part, perhaps Brasserie Beck or Blacksalt. 2941 in Virginia might be a place to try, as well.

        2. Dunno nuthin' about private rooms, but I hear the Tabard Inn is pretty romantic.