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Momofuku Bakery - Milk Bar - what to eat

OK- so everything on the menu looks amazing but I need to narrow my selections down. Any suggestions? I know the pork buns are definitely on the list as well as the crack pie, but as you can see I think I could get over loaded very quickly and with at best only getting one visit on this trip....

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  1. For me the answer to that question always involves asking about your salt sensitivity. If you like/react well to salt, pretty much everything is great. Cookies are so buttery that the bag decomposed on the walk home. Very decadent and delicious- especially if you like the sweet/salt combo.

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      Love the sweet/salty combo - as for just plain salty, my husband likes it but i'm not a huge fan.

    2. the crack pie is disgustingly sweet

      1. I would also say - don't get your heart set on a specific cake, cookie, or pie, since they don't always have every single variety all the time.

        1. those cookies are like fudge brownies...they are insanely sweet and delicious.

          i also had the corn flavored soft serve...tasted like corn pops...pretty good.

          next time im going for those pies...they look sick.

          1. I usually go for the layer cakes, they're so complex and full of different tastes, processes, ingredients, definitely the anti-cupcake! My current fave is the banana cake. I also like anything chocolate, the dulce de leche cake, and the banana green curry loaf, which goes a long way if you bring it home. The crack pie is something you could make at home (think chess pie) so it holds less interest for me. I like the cookies too, they're just a little more conventional than the cakes.

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              Ditto on the banana cake - so good! Also the old fashioned donut soft serve currently on the menu. Tastes just like a really good cake doughnut. And those Compost cookies....

              Not a fan of the chocolate chip cake w/ passion fruit curd (the combo doesn't taste good), and the cornflake/marshmallow/choc chip cookie is a little too sweet, although I like the texture.

              I really want to try the English muffin, but seem to end up there for sweet as opposed to savory.

            2. How about any of the non - dessert items? Any suggestions?

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                The pork buns are great... I haven't seen many other non-dessert items remaining on the menu, but I usually go there late. if you're looking for savory items, I would go at a low-traffic time and get a couple things at the Ssam bar before dessert. That way you'll have a wider selection and you can actually sit down.

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                  The pork belly buns are good, as well as the english muffin with deep fried egg.

                  Cookies and cakes are not very good IMO.

                  The whole place is fine, if not a bit overhyped -- and just too expensive.

                2. Fruity pebbles ice cream is good. I think everything else @Momofuku is overrated. Porkbuns are good though.

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                    Fruity pebbles ice cream is now gone.

                  2. The place is overrated in my book. I had the pistachio ice cream, and it tasted like someone emptied a salt container in it. I'm not big on desserts that make me feel like Daffy Duck after he eats a mouthful of alum. We also had a cookie that was sickeningly sweet.

                    1. I have had much better luck there with savory than with sweet. I thought the pork buns were great -- even better with the egg -- and the breads were good (sausage foccacia and banana green curry), but the cake we had was eh. I keep trying to get back there early enough in the day to try the volcano and other savory items that seem to disappear by midafternoon.

                      Can anyone explain the appeal of the cereal milk? I couldn't bring myself to try it... I kept imagining a 3-day-old bowl of cereal. But other people like it, right?

                      1. Definitely the corn cookie! or Blueberry Cookie!

                        1. I have only tried the sweet, not the savory, but I was really bummed out by this place. Every single dessert I had was one-note: SUGAR! SUGAR! SUGAR! I had Dulche de Leche cake and the first bite was good, second bite was overwhelming, and I started to feel ill after the third bite. The compost cookie is pretty good, but one of them should be more than enough unless you are a complete sugar junkie. The banana cake was also very one-note to me, just overwhemingly sickly sweet.

                          It's worth trying one time, because the woman who does the desserts is very creative and seems to have a lot of exciting ideas. But the actual execution didn't work for me at all.