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Apr 1, 2009 09:18 AM

Momofuku Bakery - Milk Bar - what to eat

OK- so everything on the menu looks amazing but I need to narrow my selections down. Any suggestions? I know the pork buns are definitely on the list as well as the crack pie, but as you can see I think I could get over loaded very quickly and with at best only getting one visit on this trip....

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  1. For me the answer to that question always involves asking about your salt sensitivity. If you like/react well to salt, pretty much everything is great. Cookies are so buttery that the bag decomposed on the walk home. Very decadent and delicious- especially if you like the sweet/salt combo.

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    1. re: Mike M

      Love the sweet/salty combo - as for just plain salty, my husband likes it but i'm not a huge fan.

    2. the crack pie is disgustingly sweet

      1. I would also say - don't get your heart set on a specific cake, cookie, or pie, since they don't always have every single variety all the time.

        1. those cookies are like fudge brownies...they are insanely sweet and delicious.

          i also had the corn flavored soft serve...tasted like corn pops...pretty good.

          next time im going for those pies...they look sick.

          1. I usually go for the layer cakes, they're so complex and full of different tastes, processes, ingredients, definitely the anti-cupcake! My current fave is the banana cake. I also like anything chocolate, the dulce de leche cake, and the banana green curry loaf, which goes a long way if you bring it home. The crack pie is something you could make at home (think chess pie) so it holds less interest for me. I like the cookies too, they're just a little more conventional than the cakes.

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              Ditto on the banana cake - so good! Also the old fashioned donut soft serve currently on the menu. Tastes just like a really good cake doughnut. And those Compost cookies....

              Not a fan of the chocolate chip cake w/ passion fruit curd (the combo doesn't taste good), and the cornflake/marshmallow/choc chip cookie is a little too sweet, although I like the texture.

              I really want to try the English muffin, but seem to end up there for sweet as opposed to savory.