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Apr 1, 2009 09:17 AM

MSP - El Meson

Any recommendations on what NOT to miss here?

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  1. More like a recommendation on what to skip-- the mofongo. It's very dry and mealy, and even a stew or sopa cannot bring it back to life.

    1. I liked the shrimp with garlic dish that I had and I liked the leftovers of my husband's "pot roast". Nothing too fancy, but both were quite tasty. However, I found the arroz con pollo that someone else at the table ordered fairly uninspiring.

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        We used to love their garlic chicken, but some years back they changed the recipe, unfortunately we felt it was for the worse. Their rice and pigeon peas is not bad, I would really like to know their secret; I've given up attempting to make it at home--it never comes out close enough.

      2. I always get the ceviche, it's one of the best renditions in the city in my opinion. You get a large serving for an appetizer and it comes with tostones on the side, so I usually just get 2 appetizers as my meal.

        1. I agree with the ceviche rec--it's really good. I get the seafood casserole and love it--lots of saffron. My husband likes the mofongo and gets it every time, so maybe that's just a matter of taste. It reminds him of a trip we took to Puerto Rico where that's pretty much all he ate. Generally, I think this place gets a bad rap on the board. We have always enjoyed our food there, and the atmosphere is lovely (especially when there's live guitar or flamenco).

          1. Went on Saturday night - Ceviche was fantastic! Sangria was just ok...Paella was wonderful - we had the version with the sausage and chicken. Great atmosphere.