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NEED Orange Cake Mix in Calgary

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I'm desperately searching for a Duncan Hines Orange Cake mix in Calgary. Has anyone seen one at a local retailer or know of a site you can order hard to find mixes. I'd also like the Red Velvet Duncan Hines mix and would be willing to order several.

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  1. have you tried superstore? i seem to recall seeing them in vancouver but that was some time ago. i havent seen their red velvet anywhere. www.cakecentral.com is a great cake site, someone there might know.

    1. Are you originally from the southern US?


      They have red velvet plus orange supreme; I think you have to order 12 boxes at a time. I'm not sure if they send to Canada. Have you thought about making these from scratch?

      Good luck!

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        Looks like they ship to Canada:


        Except the shipping charges start at $30.00 Must be really good cake!

      2. Checked my superstore (Coventry Hills) yesterday. No red velvet or orange Duncan Hines. I know Williams Sonoma carries the Sprinkles brand red velvet mix... I'll keep an eye out for the Duncan ones in my travels. FWIW in a quick google search I found some DH Red Velvet on eBay but not in the quantities you're looking for.

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          Why don't you just get a plain cake mix and some orange flavouring? or better yet replace some of the liquid in the recipe with orange juice and some zest!

          harder to cheat a red velvet cake from a mix, as the chocolate varieties are always darker and harder to tint. If you can find a light coloured/milk chocolate cake mix, you can just dye it red. It may be slightly different in taste, but perhaps a more reasonable substitute than shipping a case.

          Or, as sweeterpea suggested, perhaps try from scratch! Its not as hard as you might think!

        2. I'm originally from Edmonton, now living in California. I buy the Duncan Hines RedVelvet regularly at $2.59. I can't recall seeing Orange but will check next time. I can ship you some RedVelvet if you REALLY need some . I'll be visiting Edm soon and will load up for friends and family. Any other hard to find grocery items?

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            I'm not sure this is a pandora's box you really want to open.

          2. The original comment has been removed