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Apr 1, 2009 08:20 AM


I'm looking for the best restaurant that Lancaster or its environs has to offer. I was there about 5 years ago and ate at the "Log Cabin" which is not in but close to Lancaster. The place is still very nice and the food isn't bad but would rather try something else. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Alanatty

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  1. I think John J. Jeffries is the best spot in town, with few others even coming close. In my opinion nothing in Lancaster has ever really been on that level of service and food quality (perhaps Doneckers in Ephrata - RIP) I also enjoy Effie Ophelia, which is a very small BYO with excellent food. I also had great food and a fun time at Culturas, the tapas place upstairs in El Serrano.

    Others that often get recommended are Gibralter, Carr's, Belvidere, and Fenz. I would add the Stockyard to the list - a traditional steak house type place that is more similar to the Log Cabin (which it is my understanding, closed recently). I, personally don't think they come close to Jeffries if you really want the best, and are willing to pay for it. Mazzi in Leola gets rave reviews. I haven't made it over there yet, but my husband was recently there for a company dinner, and loved it. Unfortunately, we didn't enjoy their new place in the city, Gusto.

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      many thanks for your recommendations; i'll be checking them out; i'm coming to lancaser for my 40th reunion at f&m; interestingly enough, i ate at the stockyard inn when i had my college interview and never ate there again; we also ate at the log cabin for special occassions when i was a student; went to LC during my visit for my 35th reunion; i believe you are correct in saying the LC is out of business; tried their phone # and it's kaput; again, many thanks for taking the time to reply to my inquiry.

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        John J. Jeffries, Gibralter, and Fenz are all on Harrisburg Ave. near the college as is the Iron Hill Brewery for good beer and good but less "special occasion" food. The area is becoming the "hip" part of town, if you have not been to Lancaster in 5 years, I think you may be surprised at the transformation....

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          i know the school has changed dramatically within the last 5 years; i'm anxious to see it as well as lancaster; my freshmen year roomate with whom i still friendly lives in lancaster now so he sort of keeps me up-to-date but he's no "foodie" by any stretch of the imagination

    2. Also nearby to F&M is another great place, Checkers. It's on the corner of Mulberry & James, about 2 blocks from the Arts Hotel. The JJ Jeffries, located within the Arts Hotel, has been imo, overpriced with very small servings. The food has always been very good, just not in line with other fine dining restaurants in the area. I do not agree that it is "better" than other places mentioned.
      Fenz is a 1/2 block away as well, always a fun place to eat, good food as well.
      For seafood, Gibraltar is well know for is fresh selections and great dining experience..
      Just a few blocks away, in downtown Lancaster, you'll find the Belvedere, famous for their fantastic grilled Caesar salads, Gusto, which I think is also a nice place. Then downtown at the square, the previously mentioned Carr's is always good too. The Stockyard is a great place to eat, wonderful menu, and the bar is as good as it gets. There are many very nice places to eat in Lancaster, and I know I've not mentioned nearly as many as I could. Strawberry Hill, The Horse Inn, Iron Hill Brewery, all great in their own way, plus one of my favorite little corner gems is Jethro's, only a few blocks away from F&M as well. Check their web sites, you'll find menu listings for them all.

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        thanks so much for the info, best alan

      2. We haven't been to many of the highly rated places in Lancaster , but about a month ago we did go to The Belvedere & I can honestly say it was one of the best meals I've had , period . I had the pan roasted oyster app. & a striped bass entrée that was a special that night & they were both out of this world .

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