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Apr 1, 2009 07:46 AM

Good ethnic near Rittenhouse Square?

I'll be visiting Philly in April and staying near Rittenhouse Square. Any good recs for ethnic food around there? I'm thinking Thai, Indian, etc.

What about other good casual dining?

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  1. I would do a board search - the same questions was asked just a few weeks ago and the answers should be very helpful

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        That's a function of Rittenhouse: its one of the most upscale parts of Center City; its not a great spot for cheap eats. For Thai, some like Erawan on 23rd St (at Sansom), which is close to Rittenhouse. Its not bad, but I wouldn't rave about it either. I've heard good things about Mango Moon in Manayunk, a short train ride away (its good good buzz for Thai food recently).

        If I wanted cheaper eats, I'd try South Philly (on Washington, by the Italian Market) for Mexican (or the Don Memos truck on 38th St. in West Philly). Chinatown also has some great cheap eats. Dim Sum Garden (on 11th in the underpass across from the Hilton Garden Inn) has excellent soup dumplings, and decent noodles. Banana Leaf and Vietnam are also good (and cheap), and City Paper just reviewed a Bahn Mi shop (QT, I think) that good good reviews in Chinatown as well.

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          Thanks for the info!

          Is there any Thai in Chinatown? What is the closest decent Indian to Rittenhouse?

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            We don't do great Thai in Philly. I'd skip that option unless you're dying for a taste thereof. Erawan & Thai Chef (22nd & Chestnut - or on that block) are the two semi-well-received players in that area in Rittenhouse.

            Closest decent Indian to Rittenhouse that's also a nice, sit-down type place would be the newly re-opened Minar Palace around 13th and Walnut.

            Chinese (of the vegetarian variety) is available at Su Xing (15th & Sansom) in Rittenhouse. Square on Square (not vegetarian) is also not a bad spot if you want to remain in the Rittenhouse area. Well, I guess there's also Susanna Foo's spot for Chinese, but that's neither casual nor cheap ...

            Otherwise, as you've already noted, Rittenhouse isn't an ethnic eating spot.

      2. No one's mentioned Miran yet, which is pretty good Korean on Chestnut Street near Ritt. Square. It's BYOB and there's a PA Wine & Spirits shop maybe a block away. Definitely casual.

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          Miran is great, Su Xing is delicious & affordable (and Im not a vegetarian) also Tampopo!(japanese.. but I heard not as good as it used to be?) also there is a vegetable market on 18th near spruce that advertises "mexican tacos" but I haven't tried..

        2. I am addicted to the Ethiopian food at Almaz Cafe at 20th and Walnut! The owners are so nice and the prices are great, you get a lot of food. I'm moving out of the city soon and am especially sad I won't have my Almaz fix every week. Its very casual but clean and nicely decorated. Must get the "Foule" and/or the Vegetarian platter!