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Apr 1, 2009 07:13 AM

Goat Meat - Portland, ME

I was reading an article in the NY TImes about goat meat and it reminded me - has anyone been able to get fresh goat meat at the Somali market on Veranda St. lately? We've been trying for quite a while and they never seem to have it. "Next week."

How about Maine goat? It looks like there are a number of farms further north and meat is sold at farmer's markets in Mid-Coast, but it doesn't appear to available in the Portland area.
I guess there is mail order, but I've never ordered meat that way.

Lastly, are any restaurants doing anything interesting with goat? Its such a widely consumed meat world-wide, yet I only ever see it in curried stews (not that I couldn't eat that forever!). Mediterranean, Mexican... whole roasted kid?

I shouldn't write when I'm hungry.

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  1. Try:
    Has Maine raised goat meat through a co-op. There's links to Farm direct purchases as well .

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      The folks at the website above have good product. I have a couple of boer goats that I am raising for meat and will have more as soon as I get a female. I have heard that the goat suppliers in Maine cannot keep up with the demand.
      Enjoy it if you find it!

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