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Apr 1, 2009 07:09 AM

Simple, Fresh, Grilled (Dinner for Triathlete)


I will be in town this weekending competing in the Ironman 70.3 Triathlon in New Orleans. I am looking for some recommendations for dinner on Friday night. this will be my first time in NO - although it will not be too eventful as I need to rest up for the race on sunday.

I am looking for some recommendations for dinner on Friday night. I want somewhere with GREAT Food - however not having creole or cajun cooking before I don't really want to try before the race. I am looking for a place with simply prepared, very fresh dishes, and grilled - something light and not too heavy. Preferably a place with great fish. Almost Houstons Restaurant esque but I don't want to go to Houstons because they have those everywhere. I also want a great atmosphere and price is no issue.

MiLA was recommended to me how is that? I have also looked at Lilette, and August.... recommendations?

I will be staying at the big W hotel on Poydras - but I am happy to travel around.


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  1. I've heard Mila is great. I would also recommend G.W. Fins for a nice piece of fish. Chef Terry is obsessed with getting the freshest fish around.

    1. Grand Isle Restaurant right down the block from Harrah's Casino or if you are willing to go to the outskirts of NO go to Two Tony's Restaurant in Bucktown. Fresh seafood prepared basically how you request it.

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        I have heard reports of inconsistent and not very good food at Grand Isle. But I have heard that their oysters are very good.

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          Grand Isle VERY hit or miss. Have had some great food there in times past, but other times not so great cuisine. Nikinik is correct is stating that their oysters are quite good.

          1. re: ScarlettNola

            I guess I was lucky to have a "HIT" night at Grand Isle last night- had the escolar and it was amazing- very good- the duck and spinach gumbo was divine as well

      2. I think GW Fins has the most fish options that could fit your bill. Mila, august, and lilette are excellent, but why torture yourself by going without the ability to order whatever you want? They probably don't have something that simple on the menu anyway. That said, those three are all very good, so you could just go and take a chance on finding a dish that you think you could eat. Or you could request they make you a plain dish, but that sort-of defeats the purpose of going to a nice restaurant.

        FWIW, I ate at Grand Isle a while back, and while Joel is a friend of mine, Grand Isle was not any good.

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        1. re: N.O.Food

          Thanks. Obviously it does not have to be a fish only place, but fish is usually a good option before a race, however I am open to other things. In addition, a good judge of a restaurant is how well they can do the simple things too!

          Is August prix fix or is there a full menu?

          Any other recs?

          1. re: jwurz

            Simple grilled food, I would stay away from MiLa or August. While both of those places could certainly do that, they do other things much better. A place like Rio Mar comes to mine, as does La Boca the sister steak restaurant of Rio Mar.

            You may want to try Galatoire's. A piece of trout or pompano just broiled with a little brown butter. Plus you could carb load on the bread and souffle potatoes. Also, Boucherie gets in fresh whole fish and usually has it on the menu.

            1. re: Lyonola

              Last night I tried the sea bass at Boucherie, and I have to say it wasn't very good. Bland and uneventful. My ribs weren't that great either. I've been high on Boucherie lately, but I've noticed that while the small plates/apps are excellent, their entrees leave some to be desired.

              Yes, August has a full menu and a tasting. But August has a heavy French influence so consider yourself warned. August has a sample menu on their website and I think mila does, too.

              1. re: N.O.Food

                You know I agree with you on Boucherie. I went a few weeks ago (after going 3 times in the first two months or so) and left feeling very disappointed. Then again some people I know went last weekend and loved it. I hope it is just growing pains.

              2. re: Lyonola

                Exactly. I was going to recommend Rio mar and La Boca as well.

                1. re: Lyonola

                  Rio Mar has excellent ceviche, which would probably serve you well the night before a race.

            2. Ha - online doing the exact same thing...La Crepe Nanou, near Magazine, has some good french basics, but not too heavy. I am not sure what I am eating for dinner on Saturday night. Might have to be PBJ from Whole Foods.

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              1. re: mostlyeven

                Probably a good idea. Why take a chance on ruining your race?

                1. re: mostlyeven

                  I typically eat plain pasta with a tiny bit of tomato sauce the night before...

                  1. re: Tiger1833

                    It would be impossible for me to disagree more with this statement.